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  1. Jakesmum

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    Bruce is now 16 weeks and nearing 50 pounds. He is certainly stubborn when it comes to training and is very vocal, especially when he doesn't get his way. This too shall pass. He is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle at night before he settles down for bed.

    Here are some recent photos, as you can see he is still trying to fit into the cat's bed!

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  2. Zeela

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    He is going to be a big one!!!
  3. Bailey's Mom

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    Love that lovable Mug! 50 lbs...ah, those were the days. You can still pick them up and snuggle them against their squirming and protests. An arm full of squirming puppy...such a wonderful memory.
  4. Boxergirl

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    That is a pup with a ton of personality, I can tell. He's just beautiful.

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