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No more pain


Well-Known Member
Sadie left us last Saturday. She had been suffering from kidney failure for a long time and she lost her fight. She was the best dog I have ever had and she will be missed greatly. RIP Sadie girl. You will always be in my heart.
I am so sorry...RIP Sadie. Please take extra good care of yourself during this time of grief.


Well-Known Member
Oh no! I'm so very sorry. I'm glad there is no more pain for her but I'm just devastated for you. Run free and happy sweet girl.


Well-Known Member
I was cleaning some stuff today and I found all the xmas cards from last year (?) and I saw Sadie's picture card and that made me sad.

Penelope's Mom

Well-Known Member
P and I only met Sadie once, but it was obvious what a special girl she was. I am so sorry for your loss. Run free, Sadie. :(

Sadies Mom

Well-Known Member


I was looking at some old pictures of Sadie.....man I miss her