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Ohio's at it again


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My friend is one of the named defendants. She's a dog trainer and foster for the Lucas Co Pit Crew rescue group. She also is a Basenji fanatic. She recently had a pair of adorable pit foster puppies with mange. I watched them blossom via Facebook... one was a foster-fail. :)

This is about a different dog, Bosco - the details of the story are sketchy. Here's what I've gleaned, so far: there was a bite to a human and 2 stitches... Bosco was returned to rescue, then seized by animal control. There was another dog in the house with a bite history (english bulldog). The bite occurred 3 days after the new dog went into the home... while at a relatives house for a holiday event (ah, too much stress and confusion for a new dog, maybe???)

Here's the Petition for Boscoe's Release: https://www.change.org/p/the-fulton-county-ohio-county-commissioners-release-bosco-to-the-lucas-county-pit-crew

Thank you for any support you can offer.