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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Hannah Fleet, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Hannah Fleet

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    Hi all! I'm looking for some advice ... at risk of sounding stupid, please don't bash.

    My female mastiff is 5 years old, we haven't had her neutered yet as we did plan to mate her with our male who unfortunately passed away recently due to cancer. Daisy has then accidentally tied with our other male in December (barney learnt how to escape the bedroom and run hard enough into the lounge door to have some secret rendezvous). Anyway. Daisy would be around 56 days now, she has shown all typical signs of pregnancy, weight gain, lactating, nesting, increased appetite but in smaller amounts frequently, sleeping more and more recently panting, temp drop, vulva discharge and swelling. Today I took her to our vet to be checked over, he (young, new vet) took her in for an ultrasound (ni shaving prep which I found unusual), he emerged literally 5 minutes later and said she isn't in pup she's having a phantom pregnancy! Now I know her mum carried quite high and Daisy is a large specimen of her breed, I'm 5"7 and on hind legs she's reaching my shoulders with her paws, head the size of a Shetland ect.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded post but I was hoping for some advice? Has anyone experienced this?

    I am looking to book her for another scan ASAP elsewhere but I'm just stumped, yet again for the 4th night I can't leave her without her crying and panting (literally set up camp on my floor)

    Thanks in advance
  2. glen

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    Welcome to the forum, also so sorry for the loss of your boy.
    You say she is 5, as she ever had a phantom pregancy before.
    I would certainly get a second opinion, phantom pregnancies can look wery real, but if she was tied and theres a possibility she is in pup, she could have difficulties of doing it naturally.
    Please update when you know hope tour girls ok ,

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