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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Elana P, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member

    Hello Folks,

    I have a question about the Rabies Vaccine in regards to Baby Charlie (Bullmastiff/ Boerboel cross).

    Chuckie boy, goes in for his third and last puppy vaccine next Friday.
    The Vet told me last time, that he will get the usual combo of puppy shots, plus the Rabies vaccine.

    Now Charlie, will only be 14 weeks old next Friday.

    I've read somewhere, that it's not a good idea to give Rabies before at least 16 weeks of age, and also that it's not good to give Rabies together with other Vaccines.

    What are your thoughts about this subject?
  2. Iulicris88

    Iulicris88 Well-Known Member

    I gave mine the full cocktail at about the same age. I know, though, that many people like to space out their vaccines a bit more, and some even choose to give the rabies vaccine after 6 months. I will say though that, unlike the previous vaccines, after he got the last one, he slept for about 14 hours. I remember that he fell asleep on the hallway, after we came home, and I picked him up and put him in bed and he didn't even open an eye. So, I don't know, maybe the rabies shot is harder on their body then the others. If you're not comfortable with him getting it right now, you could wait a few more weeks, it's not like you're going to send him in the forest to get bitten by a rabid critter.
  3. maryl

    maryl Well-Known Member

    The rabies vac is a very powerful vac. I never let my Newfs have it before 6mo. I also never gave Lepto before 16wks.
  4. gilles

    gilles Well-Known Member

    where does charlie live? if he is not at risk then you can wait. my dogs live outdoors but my property is well fenced , i gave them rabies vaccine at around 6-7 months; but because i have many dogs i buy and administer the vaccine myself i dont go to the vet so i am not pushed or influenced by the vets decision , they do tend to give vaccines early.
  5. scorning

    scorning Well-Known Member

    I try to be conservative with vaccinations. Finn received parvo/distemper at his breeder before coming home, then we did DHPP for his next two rounds because our vet didn't have single vaccination options. We postponed rabies until he was 6 months, and we chose not to do any other vaccinations, like lepto or bordatella. Currently we just do rabies as required by law, and we titer for parvo/distemper.

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