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    BuffK-9® General Raw Dog Food Recipe
    High Quality Dog Food VS Raw Dog Food
    A lot of customers email and call us asking about what type of dog food is the best dog food? There’s so many choices ranging from grain-free, gluten-free, all natural, organic dog foods or raw dog food. Thus, making it hard to choose for best results. Our recommendation is to stick with what works, if your current brand of dog food is working well with your pet, then stick with it and just simply add in a very high-quality dog vitamin supplement such as True Champion Dog® to supercharge your dog food.

    If you want to maximize your dog’s true potential, you may opt to feed them a raw dog food diet. We choose to feed our dogs raw dog food as we experienced allergy problems and other issues related to poor nutrient absorption from commercial kibble. BUT it is not always convenient to feed your dogs this way, so it is nice to have a good quality dog food on hand regardless.

    Ground Beef (or your meat of choice)
    Brown Rice
    Eggs (with shells)
    Yogurt (probiotics and calcium)
    BuffK-9® Dog Supplements (lots of nutrients and omega fatty acids)
    Veggies of your dog’s choice

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