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Rescued a 1.5 year old bull mastiff


New Member
Have owned English Mastiff's in the past and do some volunteering for Mastiff Rescue.
Just got a 1.5 year old bull. Never thought I would own a bull but the owners were getting up in age with health problems and they didn't have a choice but call mastiff rescue to see what they could do to help.
The dog is massive they imported him from Serbia so he is a little stronger and muscular then bulls breed in the USA. He is over weight would like to see him around 150 but he has to be pushing 170 180 now. Didn't get much exercise for last 6 months when the owner hurt his back.

Kyle S

Well-Known Member
Welcome to the forum!
Thank you for rescuing you are a blessing. These dogs deserve good homes with good , responsible owners.

He sounds huge!!
what makes them bigger than the USA ones?

Please post photos we love photos on here. The more the better!


Well-Known Member
LOL, it doesn't look like he's missed a meal.. Thank you for the pics, looks like he fits the crew there.. He does look to be a beautiful BEAST, Best wishes on a successful transition.. We/ me ourselves are now seniors and our 6 mo pup will be our last dog.. She is a whole lot of pup but my experience coupled to our farm life I believe we'll pull it off.. But it was a thought prior to our purchase.. I wouldn't mind being able to put some age on her since she is near 100% energy..
He also fits the earthy colors of the crew.. ;)


New Member
Thank you, he is limping and slow to get up so he does need to lose some weight hopefully that will help. The owners still have a 120lb Rottweiler and the husband needs back surgery and wife just lost a leg and might lose other. So I can imagine what it would be like to have two large dog in a home with a very little yard. I have a vet that's a good friend so she comes over anytime I need to treat my dogs. My my English that I put down 11 months ago at age nine because of her back. But my vet have her a extra year of life coming over once a week for 2 years to give her acupuncture.