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Rip duke! Gone but never forgotten!


Well-Known Member
Beautiful story Jessica! I will share it with my tender hearted son who cries over dogs he's lost, and knows he will lose soon. We talk a lot about how dogs don't die- they leave the bodies behind that don't let them do the job they love, but only after they know we will be OK

Tell him I carry two in my heart with me everyday! And it's ok to be sad when we remember them, because really they are the greatest companions.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Your tribute to duke is beautiful. He's definitely your best bud and a handsome boy. Everyone's memorials on this thread are heartwarming. After almost a year without my JRTs I still cry and question my decision. Just not as much now. This thread certainly turned on the faucet tonight.


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That was one of the most touching memorials I have ever read! Have been crying for the last 20 minutes.Thank you for sharing the story of your beautiful dog! It is VERY apparent that he had a great life with you, and could not have been loved more. Please do not beat yourselves up over your decision. Duke will be waiting for you in Heaven.