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  1. marke

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    as much as this happens , as widely as it is disseminated , folks remain ignorant to the fact a dog is an animal that does not abide by our moral standards it so hard to see them for what they are and respect them ?????? eventually the government will regulate them to the point where you won't be allowed to have them .............. the kid and the dog senselessly have and will lose their lives , the adult in charge of the child and situation should be charged with child endangerment at minimum ........

    Pit bull mauls 6-month-old baby to death in Nevada

    The family said they were left blindsided by the attack. The pit bull was part of the family was for the last nine years and had not bit anyone prior to the attack.
  2. Nik

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    That is terrible. You can't leave a baby alone with any animal. Even a small dog or a cat could cause serious damage quickly. All it takes is one claw to the eye which can happen on accident or in play just as easily as on purpose. Geez babies are good enough at injuring themselves without other living creatures around to assist.
  3. marke

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    might be preaching to the choir , but this is a pet peave of mine .............. where I live it's not practical to own canary dogs , American bulldogs , pitbulls , or dogos , or anything that may look like them , because of bsl's ......... any bsl I've seen enacted go back to ignorant owners ...... i'm of pretty average intelligence and I've raised kids from birth to adulthood around large drivey dogs without getting one bite , let alone mauled ........... laws punish responsible people to protect the public from the irresponsible fools the laws need made for ........
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    I always hate hearing crap like this. Why can people understand it's not the dog.... it's the moron that left the dog and baby alone!

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