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Send a PM to Shon and she will explain it to you. I help out with the FB page. I share the page every couple of days from my account and from the mastiff page and invite new people to the page.


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I have a facebook for my business that's about it

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Facebook and Pinterest... I keep meaning to get going more on Instagram as well.

Never could get into Twitter or G+


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I'm on Facebook primarily. I have accounts on pinterest, twitter and some of the photo things but I don't even know what they really are, I just click on them to see pictures of the grand kids. :)

Bailey's Mom

Super Moderator
Super Moderator
Timely subject!

I am on this forum and I use YouTube to expand my understanding of the world. A lot of the political shows are on the "Tube" so I can get varying views of the situation in the States. I'm addicted to the comments sections. WOW! Yikes! I'd hate to be a Moderator on that (though I dabble), it is often very crude, rude, sexist, racist and just about every other "...ist" you can imagine, but it sure gives you a look at the heart and soul of the political firestorm that is going on. Yesterday the Russians were out in force regarding Putin's re-election. It was very edifying. They feel that the US is meddling in their elections, too. And they are furious. As for the "dabbling" that I mentioned...yeah, I report stuff for hate speech and for graphic pornography...oh, and for spam stuff.

The thing that I find so amazing is that everyone is calling everyone else "Bots" and it has reached the point of the abusive absurd. I wish it were easier to tell, but I lack the technical skill.

And the above, is the reason (well, I had this opinion a long time ago) that FB is a swamp and how people use it or companies use it is a very dangerous thing. And now with the evidence coming out about how people were collected into targeted groups that ads were played to harness their inherent hatreds or class/race prejudice, well, it's an affirmation to me that I was right all along. I like forming my own opinions based on reliable facts, I don't like being managed or sculpted or lead to some preordained conclusion. Just not a joiner, I guess.

So the Mastiff Forum is my only online community. And I consider you all my family.