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  1. Ken Smith Jr

    Ken Smith Jr Active Member

    What is best age to allow cane corso to walk up and down steps
  2. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    How many steps are you meaning, with my 3 if they had to use steps we didnt let them bound up and down them when very young, im very lucky ours didnt really have to go up and down any, i will say its the coming down thats worse, just make them go sready if you have to use them a lot.
  3. maryl

    maryl Well-Known Member

    I don't have a cc, but with my newfs i advised my puppy buyers not to let their pups go up or down more than 3 steps until they were at least 6mo. old, due to the stress on their joints ( hips going up and shoulders and elbows coming down). This is no easy task, a 6 month newfy weights 60-70lbs or more.
  4. Ken Smith Jr

    Ken Smith Jr Active Member

    Ok I understand. I have read about cane corso having hip problems later and I do not want to cause any unnecessary issues. She is getting big quickly and it is becoming harder to carry her up and down steps to our bedroom. She is not allowed to come down the steps in the house. I do allow her to go down the steps outside cause they are low and not many steps involved.
  5. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    even though it's been a long held belief ........ I strongly disagree with not letting a puppy climb stairs , science /physics contradicts any basis for the belief ...........climbing stairs is a great low impact exercise for puppies ....... down stairs is a different story , it's dangerous , it needs controlled , walk them on a leash so they don't run or fall down the stairs . as long as it's controlled stairs are great for coordination and muscle control , and low in impact ....there are way worse things than stairs folks do with their pups , fetch , hard running ,cutting ,chasing , flit poles .... the worst thing you can do for your pups hips is not exercise them properly ....... I believe it is undisputable that the better a pup is stuck together the better their hips turn out and the better a dog is stuck together the better they fare if they are dysplastic ..... it's better to exercise them when they are light in weight and keep their strength up with their weight gain ......... every ddb in the United States was dysplastic at one time , and i'm sure Europe too ........ the only one I ever had problem with was my first one , after that experience I learned how to raise them , as much low impact exercise as they could handle from birth , more than most anyone would recommend , it's worked on quite a few dogs for me ........
  6. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    We followed our puppy's lead... We let her explore the stairs and climb up them first. Going down, she had to be able to do it without "Thumping" too hard... and she had to go ONE step at a time... very SLOW. She was probably about 4 months old (~45lbs) when we started letting her go down our staircase from the bedroom to the living room all by herself... but it's a 1/2 flight (7 steps). We don't have any full flights at our house.

    We still make her go SLOW, 5 years later. And NO passing humans on the stairs, either, EVER (too easy to push people down the stairs if they think they can get past you).

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