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Stinky in heat


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Kaylee is having her first heat now at 17 months. At first it wasn't so bad. There was a bit of discharge but not that much. She's more swollen now, there's more discharge and she smells. She smells really strongly. I'm sure part of it is discharge in the feathers on her back legs, but I've never had a dog go through heat before. Is this a normal thing or should I be hitting up the vet to double check?


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Bailey's Mom

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Super Moderator
Generally speaking, (I've been through three now), there is very little smell. But, there is a smell of blood...faint, usually. It depends how clean she keeps herself and if you are helping her keep clean....and, I guess, if she's letting you keep her clean. We make a point of dabbing her rear end every time she gets up from lying or sitting down. The blood tends to puddle after sitting or lying down, so, timing is everything to diminish the amount and therefore the scent.

This heat is different from the rest since we have two other dogs in the house with us now, one male, one female. The new dogs are both neutered, so, it's odd for them. The male has his nose up in my girl's business all the time. They are both curious. Hopefully it won't get into aggression.

Believe me...you will want to bathe her after the event. Just wait a week after she's finished. She'll feel better and you'll feel more confident to take her out, especially to the dog park, though, we waited another three weeks before venturing there. Dog's have a great sense of smell so a bath is necessary before going to the park.

Best of Luck.


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Ella is *very* stinky. I clean her with diaper wipes throughout the day, but she's still stinky. She also has longer hair than most EMs and has feathers on her back legs and tail. Smell after the bleeding stops is when I would be more concerned about something being wrong.


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Thank you all for your replies.

This morning, I took a wet rag to her back end and cleaned her feathers. I hadn't realized how much was seeping into the fluff. I'll have to do a better job of keeping her cleaned up.


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I use Chlorophyll pills to help with the smell, and our dog wears dog panties with liners that we change every couple hours when in the house but not crated. She does a good job of cleaning herself when crated, and has short hair, so cleaning her isn't a big concern for us.