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Straw Cane Corso


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Hi! 🤚

Meet Kloud ☁️

Subject Small.png

He's an imported straw Cane Corso. We are new to the group and would love too see your puppies/dogs 🐾 Also would love to hear any tips or advice! He's all around a good pup.

He can escape from the crate!
Literally chews the cage and is breaking "baby teeth" this normal?

He is still a little ski-dish but every day gets better ...... I'm socializing him daily. We also have 4 kiddos. So he's definitely getting used to that.

Also his ears started to have a smell to them. I removed the crop tape and cleaned both of them throughly with peroxide/ alcohol. The smell seems to be gone now. We followed up with vet and we will see him tomorrow. Subject Small.pngIMG_9628 Small.jpeg


  • Subject Small.png
    Subject Small.png
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Welcome to the forum, and the wonderful life of mastiffs,
Iv had 4 ccs now, each having different personalities but sll loving snd loysl.
First bit of advice is, dont allow the pup to do now what you dont want him to do when hes 50kg plus, ie jumping up you, or on sofas, easier to stop now than later.my pups 8 months and 48kg, they grow fast.
The crate, they are escape artists,iv used cable ties on them, when does your pup go in the crate. Make the crate his safe comfy place, i cover my crates with a sheet ehen there pups, just leave the front uncovered.
The ears i cant help with, illegal here in the uk.
Socialisation, this doesnt mean to allow every person to pet and stroke, same with meeting other dogs, every owner thinks there dog is well behaved, you get a og approaching him tail wagging the owner thinks hes fine, then could still be a bad experience for your pup. This breed can be aloof with strangers, not all of them want to be touched by everyone.
Your pup is adorable, keep posting pics,


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What points do you see wrong
At first I thought the guy had gotten some special white scam Corso cross, and the breeder cropped its ears terribly (hence their odor), MB lol. I didn't know they could come in white/cropped ears can naturally smell that way.


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I guess I end up feeling bad for owners who come here happy and excited about sharing their new dogs only to end up feeling judged and perhaps unwelcome. I'd be interested in a discussion about the color, but in a separate post. As always, just my opinion.

OnKloud9nine, welcome to the forum. Sometimes a change in type of crate can help with anxiety. Several of my dogs have done much better in large airline crates instead of wire and like Glen said - sides covered. There are also some crate games you can play to help him with some of that anxiety. Susan Garrett has a program that people swear by, but I know it's a paid program. There are other videos and articles online. Please keep all training positive. No punishment for anxiety as it just creates more anxiety. Good luck.