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Thalia - Photo thread


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I figured I would start a thread to show off my beautiful girl, Thalia.

The photo of her laying happily in the grass is an older picture from when she was a younger pup.

She was the puppy from hell. She was destructive, an escape artist and stubborn as ever! It took 9 months to fully potty train her... I remember standing/walking outside in the rain with her for an hour before giving in. The moment we stepped inside the house, she peed. She chewed her way out of 2 crates while crate training her. This happened while I was at work and she then proceeded to tear up 22 rolls of toilet paper and 4 rolls of paper towel and an additional few pairs of shoes, bras, underwear, pants etc... There were times when I honestly thought she was evil. I remember threatening her one time with turning her into a rug LOL. I could never stay mad at her for long though and always ended up laughing at myself for allowing a little pup to outsmart me.

As Thalia has matured, she has exceeded any expectation I could have ever set for her. She is motived, driven and eager to work and learn. She is a lover (best cuddles you could ever ask for) and a fighter. She's the toughest little bitch I have ever known, but at the same time is a total little softy. She thinks she is a lap dog and always sits on my lap and throws her head back to get a kiss on the top of her head. She's a big time kisser, which I could honestly do without because she likes to target armpits sometimes, which leaves me feeling slightly violated. She's nurturing and has raised Angus like her own pup since he was 6 weeks old, yet she is a ruthless hunter (birds, rabbits, rats, mice etc...) at the same time. She is lightning fast and intelligent; excelling at everything I throw her way. When she wags her tail, her entire body wiggles.

Despite our hellish start together, her and I have become inseparable. She is mine forever and always and I really could not imagine life without her. She brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. She truly lives up to her name, which was the Greek muse of comedy.



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Here are a few photos of her as a puppy. The quality isn't the greatest as they were taken with my phone at the time.


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Who can believe that little sweet thing was such a beast. She is gorgeous and very fit!! Love the muscles.


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Don't let that sweet face fool you! She can be quite the little hellion! Hahaha

Thank you! I work really hard to keep all my dogs fit and healthy. Her muscles blow me away. She reminds me of a little body builder! lol

I will have to dig out some pictures of her with Angus when he was a pup - sweetest thing ever. :)


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Some more pictures of my baby girl. She is just perfect. <3


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Gotta add this one in, too because they both just look so silly.


  • IMG_8091.jpg
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Thalia resting in her own personal little pool after a very intense game of fetch.


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Just some more pictures of Thalia because I think that she is beautiful. Even if in the pictures she has something black and sticky on the top of her head LOL.


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HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT BABY GIRL, THALIA! <3333 She is so perfect and she has turned out to be such a wonderful dog. I love getting to work and train her and I just couldn't imagine how different things would be had I gotten a different puppy from her litter.


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Thalia thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and compliments! She's very excited for her birthday party on the weekend.

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