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The story of VooDoo (and some pics)


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This is one of my odder stories. Last October I was in the Boston area for work and brought my mom along so we could do some exploring in our free time.

One thing my mom really wanted to do was see a psychic in Salem. Being the type a personality I am I researched the best in the area. But being the sceptic I am also made the appointment last minute and provided no personal info.

I went first and among the eerily accurate things he told me: he told me I had two dogs and one was young and the other was much older but still in good health. He told me I was in a relationship that was like a marriage but wasnt one and that i would marry him.

But among all the stuff he said he also told me that a stray would show up and not to "shush it away" and that it was my spirit animal.


The week I returned from my trip VooDoo showed up (a black fluffy cat). Ran to me so fast and was so friendly I assumed she was a neighbors cat. But then when anyone passed on the path she fluffed all up and growled and hissed... She did the same to Sean when he got home. When Sean first saw her he literally tried to "shush" her away before remembering what I told him about the paychic.

VooDoo was also half starved when she first came to us and so we started leaving food out for her. Now she eats at our house all the time and hangs out in our yard.

She tried to come inside once but as she stepped over the threshhold she spotted Diesel and changed her mind. Every day I come home from work she runs out to greet me. She jumps on the hood of my car and stares at me through the windshield if I dont get out fast enough. And sometimes when i open the car door she jumps inside with me.

Everyone else is scared of her because she is big and "scary" looking and very temperamental. She will bite or scratch if she doesnt want to be touched. But with me she always makes it very gentle and rarely has an issue with me petting her. More typically she softly grabs my hand with her mouth when I stop petting her because she wants me to keep going.



So that is the story of VooDoo. Who I suppose is sort of another member of our home now.


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That's a pretty odd, but awesome story. Beautiful cat!

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Somehow VooDoo has managed to convince half our neighborhood to feed her. I saw my next door neighbors feeding her a couple days ago. And then just yesterday I caught some people who live across the street and down a few houses in my driveway with a can of wet food feeding her. They walked all the way over just to feed her... This is getting pretty weird. :/