Trying to not be rude, but what is it going to take to get this forum corrected?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TWW, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Shon

    Shon Administrator

    I was being sarcastic... That's not required to fix what was not working or anything that's still not working... There are still a few things not working, but hopefully I'll get to them soon.

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  2. DMikeM

    DMikeM Well-Known Member

    Hey Shon, great job. I see a bunch of the functionality has returned to normal. it will be great to see the members start to use the forum again. I stopped because it was just not working right and was very frustrating to use. Plus some of the pop ups and redirects were pretty malicious. That all seems to be gone now.

    Big pat on the back.
  3. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member


    Having only joined this Forum fairly recently, I have no idea what it was like before, and I have been enjoying it.

    I am just starting to find my way around here (some of the time) lol.

    Is there, or could there be a special topic section for New Members?
    I still have no idea how to place a picture in the little window where my name appears, shrug....

    Also, I've been able to post some pictures, yet keep getting 'your file is too big' on others, from the same batch of photos. Is there some way to get around this problem?

    I'm a techno doodle head, and not very knowledgable about some of these things :oops:.

    Any help, would be appreciated :).

  4. Iulicris88

    Iulicris88 Well-Known Member

    If you want a picture attached to your username, go to the top of the page where you see your username, click on it, select avatar from the list and upload a picture of your choice. If you can't upload a picture it's probably because it is too big, you need to resize it so it doesn't exceed 4,9 megapixels.
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  5. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member

  6. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member


    Thanks for the info, I will definitely give it a try.
    I just down loaded a photo re-sizer thingie, so hopefully that will help.

  7. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member


    Thank you, IT WORKED!!!!:):):)
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  8. Iulicris88

    Iulicris88 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome!
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  9. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Welcome Elana P!

    I've run into the photo issue too.... some upload fine, and others are too big. I open them in paint, crop them down a little, rename them and then have been able to upload them without issue. Amazing when the camera on my phone takes pictures that are high enough quality to be 'too big'... but I can deal with that. :)
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  10. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member

  11. Elana P

    Elana P Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the welcome,
    I've actually downloaded a Resizing thingie, and now can resize all my photos to fit on here. :)
  12. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs Administrator

    And they just keep getting bigger and bigger lol. I remember when we had polaroids lol.
  13. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    Elana - For your computer or your phone? I found that I can only upload photos via my computer now since I have the tools to resize on the computer but not on my phone.
  14. tynman

    tynman Active Member

    The old forum was to hard to upload pictures. So far on this new look mine are uploading fine. The thing I didnt like I was pretty active on the old forum. With this new one which I only logged on a couple of weeks ago and it had me listed as a new member. Not that I really care but it took me by surprise.
  15. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator

    It's just how the two platforms merged, it's no reflection on how long or how many posts you have. :)

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