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    People have been absolutely cuckoo literally since COVID hit, so we decided to take our spring trip to the middle of nowhere. We didn't see a single human the entire time, and it was WONDERFUL. The best part is that both Dany and Rhaegar have had both knees operated on for CCL injuries, and we hiked several miles multiple times a day with no pain or increased lameness afterwards (despite Rhaegar's lacerating his leg within hours of arriving....).

    IMG_4242.jpg IMG_4179.jpg IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4065.jpg IMG_4063.jpg IMG_3963.jpg IMG_3923.jpg IMG_3869.jpg IMG_3825.jpg IMG_3797.jpg
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  2. glen

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    Stunning pics, stunning dogs, but rheagar always gets my attention, love that boy. Glad you managed to get away.
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    Great pictures!

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