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vote for our non-furry baby as cutest baby if you are up for it :)


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We entered our latest pack member (human baby) Kaiden in a cutest baby photo contest and also in a mommy and me contest. If you are up for it please visit the below links and click the vote button to help his chances.





If you are feeling really helpful and inspired you can vote once per 24 hours on each link to help us win.

Thank you so much mastiff family! And we hope all of you are doing well in these crazy times and that your families are staying safe and not going too stir crazy. <3


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oh also even if you don't want to vote you can see how much the little guy has grown! He has teeth now! Only two (and one starting to poke through).... but still TEETH!


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Done! He's so darn cute, Nik.

Thank you!!! We think so too but we might be a little bit biased. His newest thing is growling. I'm not sure if he picked it up from the dogs or what. But, it is absolutely hilarious. He likes to growl "mama mama" at me all the time. And he does it in this deep growly monster voice.