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Discussion in 'Other Pets' started by cj-sharpy, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. cj-sharpy

    cj-sharpy Well-Known Member

    I've been out today with my partners dogs and son.
    I took both dogs out yesterday and if I'm honest they were both shite. Obviously house pets and not used to being walked on a lead with and discipline at all.

    Well today me and Billy (partners son) took the dogs out and we both took time to concentrate on dog position, loose leash, focus etc etc.

    Billy (6yr old) has his cavalier King Charles walking to heel in ten minutes and I had ten JRT doing the same.

    I'm proud of my actions but by god I'm proud of Billy.
    He listened and watched the dog and responded perfectly with leash pressure and corrections/praise.

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  2. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto Well-Known Member

    That is a amazing...you might have a dog trainer in the making there.
  3. JamieHalverson

    JamieHalverson Well-Known Member

    It's really fantastic watching kids work with dogs. With a little bit of instruction they pick it up really fast; there is something intuitive about the relationship between dogs and people that kids jist "get" better than most adults.

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