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We're on Holiday!


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We're on holiday in Scotland and I thought I'd share some photo's of the boys playing along the River Tay (and a token family photo, LOL).
More to follow I'm sure! :)


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Beautiful pics,your dogs certatinly are enjoying there holiday.Scotland is stunning my husbands family live in greenock and gourock we love to visit.Hope you have a great time and the weather stays nice for you.


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Today we had a BBQ on the shore of Loch Rannoch......I think there were a couple of hungry babies!


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Had to share this one of Hades so fast asleep after a rather long walk that he didn't wake up with steak infront of his nose!!

A couple more pictures028.jpg038.jpg
Zeus having no trouble waking up for steak!

cinnamon roll

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Super Moderator
I have NEVER seen a dog sleep thru a piece of STEAK held in front of their nose.

Way to go mom you wore them out. lol