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Brandy and Pink!View attachment 61761 View attachment 61762As the snow started falling in NYC View attachment 61763port-a-potty at the show View attachment 61764NYC subway View attachment 61765 My location Monday and TuesdayView attachment 61766 I watched the Neos and wanted to kiss all the wrinkles!View attachment 61767this was while we were all crammed together in a tiny room, this big guy made me feel better View attachment 61768the drive back was so awful. Our rental was covered in ice, the cars sensors kept telling us we had been in a collision. View attachment 61769
I enjoy looking at the pictures. Jarena


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I can't believe I somehow missed this thread back in Feb. Actually I can.. I may have permanent baby brain fog. Doing baby and working full time and caring for the dogs is beyond exhausting but also very worth it. I suppose in several years it may all get easier. :) Anyhow thanks so much for taking us along your journey with you.

I loved looking at the pics. And I second Boxergirl's sentiment about the boobie bounce house. On a side note I was looking for outdoor water play stuff for our baby for summer and the one I liked best just happens to look like it has a giant blue penis in the center (from which the water spouts out of). I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that ...

1. it was hysterical
2. it looked like a good water play thing for baby and
3. baby doesn't care if his water play thing looks like a penis....

so I got it. Then by the time it arrived our heat spell turned into a rainy cold spell. So we will wait til it heats up again. At which point I will be sure to share pictures of the blue penis outdoor water feature I got for my baby. lol