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When to switch to adult food


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My bullmastiff pup, Ted, is 5 and a half months old now and doing great! I've been obsessing a little lately with exactly what food and how much to feed him. He currently eats Taste of the Wild 3 times a day (we are in the process of weaning out the mid-day meal). There is so much info on the web about what/how to feed my puppy that it's overwhelming. I wanted to get some opinions here about the best kibble that won't break the bank. Also when should I switch to an adult formula???


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Check out Dog Food Reviews and Ratings | Dog Food Advisor for dog food ratings and customer feedback. Generally, mastiffs are allergic to chicken and grains in dog food. Check out Earthborn Holistics Grain Free (non-chicken flavor) or Fromm's, a lot of members feed those 2 brands.

Remember to do a slow transition when changing food.

Slow transition to the new food is as follows to prevent diarrhea. If at any time during the transition, the pup has diarrhea return to previous amounts of food per feeding.

Amount per feeding:

Day 1-4 ¾ cup of old food and ¼ cup of new food.

Day 5-9 ½ cup of old food and ½ cup of new food.

Day 10-14 ¾ cup of new food and ¼ cup of old food

Day 15 Start 100% of new food

Generally, mastiffs are allergic to grain and chicken found in kibble. You can check www.dogfoodadvisor.com www.dogfoodanalysis.com


You may want to check out the raw diet for your pup. Check out the sub forum on raw diet that has a wealth of information. It is not recommended to feed the pup kibble and raw food. Dr. Becker talks about this in one of her videos.

Check out Dr. Becker’s videos on youtube.com for a lot of great information regarding the raw diet. Here is Part 1 there are 3 parts to the series. Well worth the time to watch the videos.