Where did you find us?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Shon, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. masteneo

    masteneo Well-Known Member

    It has been a long time. Google, i want to say .
  2. redcorvettec5

    redcorvettec5 Member

    Same here . All mighty Google told me that , this is the place where ppl have enough patience and knowledge for my questions :)
  3. Islandborn

    Islandborn New Member

    Searching google searching for a new breeder for a puppy.
  4. Edward B.

    Edward B. Active Member

    Google, searching for Cane Corso forum.
  5. Sharkfin

    Sharkfin New Member

  6. Ginurse

    Ginurse Well-Known Member

    I actually found this forum from google searching "best food for a EM puppy". What a great site for advice (backed up by articles/research).
  7. Maritza

    Maritza Active Member

    On Facebook looking for pages of mastiff
  8. jacky

    jacky New Member

  9. PN Melbourne

    PN Melbourne New Member

  10. Molly's Pop

    Molly's Pop New Member

    Google search on English Mastiff 's. Molly is a 3 year old fawn baby girl. She has a 1 year old Weimeraner little sister who opens door for her when she needs it.
  11. loricakes

    loricakes New Member

    I got lucky while searching on google. Glad I did
  12. daonimisi

    daonimisi New Member

    Hi everyone, im daniel and I recently got 2 year old male boerweiller named Hank. He's quite a handful and breaking him In has been quite a task. I'd like an advice or help. By the way I found out about this website on google
  13. BAMCB

    BAMCB Well-Known Member

    Google, chrome or yahoo. Not exactly which one we were using. Came up when we were researching info on feeding and nutrition for our orphaned pup. So glad to be here!
  14. Yamizuma

    Yamizuma Well-Known Member

    Found on the Internet, and used to be an active member there.

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  15. chez

    chez Member

    I found the forum via twitter. I have a hashtag search on bullmastiff and the Mastiff Forum tweets showed up there.
  16. Druid

    Druid Member

    An Ixquick search.
  17. Sandy333

    Sandy333 New Member

    Hello everyone! I just joined. Found you by Google. I have an 8 1/2 year old Old English Mastiff, Lily, the love of my life
  18. KyleeJC

    KyleeJC Member

    Google looking for when is the best time to desexing your Tibetan mastiff.
  19. Ladimay

    Ladimay New Member

    Google when I was researching the history of The Douge de Bordeaux.

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