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Wilmington Ohio Show


Well-Known Member
Well will have more pics tomorrow. ( HOPEFULLY NOT AS HORRIBLE OF QUALITY)
Went to see the Futurity/Maturity (Show Ring)
But drafting was still got on. Stayed for about half an hour. (Some puppies wanted to play with Mouse and Mouse really wanted to play with them.)

Going Tomorrow for:
Obedience/Rally II (Show Ring)
MCOA Veteran Sweepstakes (Show Ring)
MCOA Puppy Sweepstakes (Show Ring)

One bad drafting pic

Pic out front not sure if they are they same puppies, as there where several there.


Well-Known Member
Some really beuatiful Mastiffs

Sarge the number 2 ranked Mastiff in the U.S. sorry only one decent pics of him. He was playing with the 2 Dogo's and a teacup Chi. This dog was energitic as all get out and the picture does not do justice he built and 240lbs.

not that good a pic but the fawn in the pic is over 260lbs and also very nice looking.

Some I forgot to post yesterday of Mouse when he went with us June 2nd.



Not the best pic but a huge male in the ring


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Great looking female.



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Next days at the show should be Friday, Sat, and Sun.
Don't know if I'll make all 3 but pretty sure I'll be able to swing at least 2 of the 3.