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Working Presa


New Member
I am currently looking for a good breeder that supplies a good working line of Presa. I am currently looking at a dog from Castle of Presa. I have searched the breeder Castle of Presa through the search function and have not found any results. Has anyone heard of this breeder out of Phoenix, AR? I have worked and competed with GSD's and Malinois in the past, but have always wanted to train a large breed Mastiff to compete with. Thank you for your input
Try Daniel rizea in Jacksonville he's got gringabred at Los tracios and one stud each from rucaden and irems curto. Mines 22.5" 96# so idk if that's big but she's hot. Or send me an email at nicolaibolverk@gmail.com I got a pup prospect you might like...mom's a proven protector..bandog....dad dose bite and nose work and is a presa . Also maybe try Frontline in pa or extreme pre in Texas... If your willing to import try bmk devil's in Romania or sharky seven dynasty alsoromania...also rey gladiator in Memphis...DMV kennels in Maryland...also some more in deep south, one in chi can't remember names...sova in Danville did me right as well. Look for ironbull, and linea m blood ...I am happy with mine. Also red star I hear is good and de la arena in germany always have hot dogs if your willing to import one...and of course there is always every presa breeders daddy items curto....I kinda like there way of doing it...you pay the same 3 grand for any pup from them housepet to world eater...but you don't get your pup till it's produced, so you can have pet quality or companion guardian as fast as you can get to the kennel but a dog that can win a national show or win worlds in bite sports might take a year or more...or they might have it on hand.
I'll probably be breeding my littleball of fire later this year as well, if I can find a complementary stud bred heavy to her mom's side(ironbull/ linea m) I was going to buy her half bro but life happens and I couldn't ...also a possibility I breed her to my bandog Saddam, who is mistaken for a presa alot, but I kinda want to come out the gate with a plant the flag kinda litter if it is pposible.
Castle of Presa ain't breeding any more...Sparta wildboys, gladiator cansrio, rucaden, Presa de Guerra, gladiator dogs, anaga kennel, bsldios kennel, tres lineas, mencyes, fuego del Norte, Severn kennel, iron gates ,Conde koma, pwa, keys, stl, pcrp, prpresaholic. any of them should fix ya right up