Yogurt? Carrots? Rawhides?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by remendowski, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. remendowski

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    OK, so meatball had a rawhide the other day and he ended up with diarrhea bad... it lasted for a while too... I remember hearing and reading that plain yogurt is good for helping upset stomachs so I gave it a try... wasn't sure how much to give him so I just did 2 tbsps and he licked it all up right away... not sure if it truly helped out or not or if the rawhide sickness just passed through but he really seems to like it... would it hurt to continue giving him yogurt? Would baby carrots be OK as a treat? I've never had a dog have this reaction to rawhides before, is this common?


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  2. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    All 3 of my dogs get cow patties from rawhide and bad bad gas from porkhide. I don't feed solid rawhides after reading up about blockage. The same probably goes for porkhide, but pet store people try to tell me they are more digestible which maybe true. It's not worth the deadly gas though. I give my dogs grounded up rawhide sticks, but they do not last at all. It is easily digestible and gives them soft stool, but not diarrhea. I noticed carrots softens their stools too. I don't really feed yogurt. Yes, the diarrhea should pass in a day.
  3. fdchampion

    fdchampion Well-Known Member

    I have given my 2 babies carrots with their food and other vegtables, but if i don't put it in Titan's food he will eat one and just play with the rest of them. Rawhides give them terrible gas but not diarrhea and I only give them the ones that say easily digestable and i only do that once in a while. Yogurt is supposed to be very good for them...i have found some Blue snacks made from Apples & Yogurt and Bananas & Yogurt that they love, but i haven't given them plain yogurt yet though.
  4. shodanusmc

    shodanusmc Well-Known Member

    Never gave any of my dogs Rawhide. Plain Low Fat Yougurt is great and so are some veggies.
  5. irina

    irina Well-Known Member

    My answer is yes, yes, no. There is enough bad stuff said about rawhide, so I won't add any more comments about that. I also looked into carrots and yogurt. Carrots are fine, however, my research showed that in order for the carrots to be properly digested, so that the dog gets the nutritional benefits (vitamins, minerals and such), the carrots have to be boiled and mashed. Otherwise, they just pass. And I noticed that with Ajax. If I simply give him a carrot to chew on, I will find pieces of it in his stool, undigested. Not to say that raw carrots are bad for them, they just don't add any nutrition raw.
    Yogurt is good as long as it is not flavored, obviously, and has live bacterial cultures. That is what helps their digestion.
    If he has diarrhea again, try canned pumpkin. It's very good for that.
  6. atticus

    atticus Well-Known Member

    Atticus gets diarrhea from pretty much everything, so we've never given him rawhide. His stomach can handle plain bones that we get from the pet store that don't have any meat or anything on them. He also does well with horns. If he does get diarrhea again, I'd also recommend pumpkin. It worked wonders for Atticus!

    We also sometimes give him goat's milk yogurt (we get it from Trader Joe's) and he loves it, but I don't think it did much for his stomach issues, just a yummy treat.

    Glad your pup is feeling better!
  7. remendowski

    remendowski Member

    Thanks for all the replies!
  8. jersey girl

    jersey girl Well-Known Member

    My response would be no, no and no. Rawhide is not worth the risk and we feed Prey Model Raw, so no veggies. We give dehydrated liver and chicken for treats. I have read if you give veggies you should mash them up or run them through the food processor otherwise the dog cannot digest them.
  9. musicdeb

    musicdeb Well-Known Member

    Rawhides are dangerous for any dog and most rawhides are made in China, a big no no. I had a dog die from eating a rawhide. :(

    Yogurt works great as a digestive aid.

    I agree with jersey girl, cook the veggies and mash them so the dog can digest them easier.
  10. season

    season Well-Known Member

    Mine loves carrots....one of his favorite treats.
  11. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Denna loves carrots. Broccoli is another favorite (we eat the florets, she gets the stems).

    I like to freeze them. They last a little longer as a chew-treat when frozen, and freezing breaks down the cells walls and makes some of the nutrients accessible, too.

    We avoid whole raw-hide and pork skin, too... for the most part.
    One of our staple "staying-home-alone" snacks is a piece of "Etta Says" stick - it's a ground & dried product, very tasty. US sourced and US made.
    a 10" piece fits nicely in her busy buddy toy, too. Denna has to really work to get it all out.

    Denna loves yogurt (surprise, surprise... she loves anything remotely edible...). She doesn't get it on a regular basis but she does get to lick the carton clean when I finish one off (plain only).

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