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How can I ask a question?
I have a 5 mo going on 6 no mastiff pup... very high in the back end and seems to have a very hard time getting up... rep breeder... he’s our 8th in 35 yrs... I just don’t ever remember this scenerio....any thoughts?
Hello Glen;
I also have sent this to Black Shadow Cane Corso….
I have just recently joined the site. I entered a user name on Gig Gus which was supposed to be Big Gus….stupid fat fingers. I tried going through the contact page but received an error. Could you or another moderator make this change for me?

Would you be able to look after this?

Really glad to have found this site , we have two mastins, one male of 8 months and a female of 2.5 years and a Anatolian Shepard dog
Looking for advice and training tips for my new cane Corso pup. He is 8 weeks. I enjoy the information shared here. Thank you all
I just happened to glance over to the side and see this. Can you make a post in the general forum area? I don't know that anyone really notices the profile posts unless it's by accident, like I did.
Hi I am newbie and I joined because I have a 6 month old brindle Tosa Inu/Presa,cross named Jackson...sometimes his behavior just stumps me
please post on forum
Can a cane Corso still be purebred with a longer snout? I’ve had someone question if my 6 month old cane Corso is purebred because of this.
Hows it going? Merry Christmas...Im new to the forum I joined to specifically to see if someone could point me in the direction of a reputable fila breeders here in the U.S. im not looking to breed only looking for a companion/guard dog....
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Hows it going? Sorry I went on vacation for a while..I appreciate the reply...Im located in California I wanted to check what time of the day would be good to give you a call? Thanks again
Usually anytime after 9 am up to 11pm est is ok
Hi. Your pic takes me back not so long ago when my pup was that short. Lovely pic!