Almost 6 months old, correct weight?

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by Esand, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Esand

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    Leia has always seemed skinny to me, you can very clearly see her ribs when she lays on her side. I can't seem to get her to gain weight. She's a week or so shy of 6 months and yesterday weighed in at 64lbs which surprised me since she looks so skin and bones

    Is this normal? Were your pups also skinny at this age? Any tricks to get them to eat more?

    On her back it looks terrible.
    On her stomach not so much but you can still see the ribs.
  2. My lil Roxy is just now starting to get a lil meat and fat on her at 9 months of age. I think they just grow UP so fast that their body weight can't catch up. I think as soon as she's done with the up and up she will start filling out. Your pup looks healthy and happy.
  3. tmricciuto

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    I agree with Everything...she actually looks really healthy to me. My girls at 6 months were 63 and 71lbs. Remember that with this breed you want to keep them lean so there isn't a lot of weight on their joints. Mine are kept where I can see the last two ribs easily when standing and there is a clear indent before the hips. I would rather have them very lean at this stage then have excess weight and issues with joints later in life. When she is sitting she looks perfect to me.
  4. DennasMom

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    She looks GREAT! Lean is the way to grow with these big pups. Seeing some ribs is good - but you do want some cushion on the hip bones - which it looks like you have. Perfect-o!
  5. Yamizuma

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    I think she looks great! Tali was a bit boney at around that age. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Although she looked bonier in person than it these photos.

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  6. cinnamon roll

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    She's going thru that awkward lanky stage imo.

    I think she looks great
  7. fila4me

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    She looks much healthier to be lean.Like cr said, she is in an award time right now.I love my girls thinner, where I can feel the ribs.They are very athletic and go and go.Maddie is about 120 now at just 3 yrs old and Flower isabout 110 at 6 1/2yrs. Filas are not beasts, especially females, they should be between 100-120. I fight weightwith my Maddie, she just gains walking by the fridge, lol.

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