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Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by shutter13, May 21, 2017.

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    Thanks for the help with the bathing question. I have a couple more.

    Delilah is 5 1/2 months old and seems to be very clumsy, it's almost as if she'll be walking along and her leg will give out on her. We just really noticed it and not enough to tell whether it is the same leg each time. Is this normal behavior for these puppies?

    She seems to run very hot as well, there are times when she is very hot to the touch, there are no behavioral signs that she is sick, and there are times when she feels normal. Is this normal? My bloodhound never feels this hot even after an hour or two of activity.
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    Puppies can be very clumsy, they are growing so fast in such a short period, it's like their brain can't keep up. They trip over their own feet, fall down, knock over every thing in their way. I watched a four month old newfy of mine run down a hill, and her back end got going faster than the front end. She never had any problems when she was grown. Her hips, elbows, and patellas cleared by OFA. As far as her feeling too warm, take a rectal temp the next time she feels that way. A dogs normal temp is around 101. Tends to go up a little with exersize or excitement, and down a little if she just woke up from a long nap.
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    Does she walk up and down the stairs ok?
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    Yes, so far she does fine, she has fallen one time in a rather steep incline stairway, at the river, going down, but other wise not at all. Our home is elevated about 5-6 feet off the ground so she navigates stairs quite often. We intend on putting in a ramp next year.
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    I have a ramp at my house. Thank goodness, for Cora wouldn't be able to get in and out after her TPLO surgery. They are quite useful!
    Have your vet do a work up on your pup. She could have a degenerative condition in her knees. That happened to my friends Rotty and he was slowly tearing both his CCLs. He was constantly losing his footing and refused to go up or down stairs.
    But it could be that's she's just trying to find her balance and footing. Especially if she has big paws!!
    Hope everything is ok with her!

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