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Discussion in 'Mastiff Rescue & Adoption' started by BAMCB, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. BAMCB

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    I am wondering what everyone's opinion is towards Craigslist adoptions. I understand there are scammers and ill bred dogs but, do you take a chance and overlook some of those issues to help a mastiff who may fall into bad hands. If you do see that it is actually a mastiff needing a home, would you consider the adoption?
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  3. PrinceLorde13

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    If it was used the way it was intended I would say great, but at least around here it's 99% people either trying to sell puppies, or get rid of a dog they no longer want but are trying to get some of their money back with a ridiculous re-homing fee. Would always crack me up when at the end of all of them it's says "I'm asking for a $150-$500 re homing fee to ensure he's going to a good home." You know because there's just no way an abusive dirtbag could get their hands on $150. When adopting I start with the most likely to die from shelters or dogs that have made it to a shelter that are hard to re-home for any reason, but with shelters there's no reason people need to be adopting out their pets for a fee
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    I would! I see a lot of the dogs on craigslist as being in bad situations. That being said I would not pay much for a dog on craigslist There are too many in legitimate rescues or shelters that need help. If you are buying from a litter of puppies, you are just helping the BYB, keep producing more litters.
  5. Boxergirl

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    Most of what I see on Craigslist are back yard breeders looking to make a buck. I would not pay $150 to "adopt" a puppy. I can pay that to a legitimate rescue or shelter. High fees are not for adoptions but for sales. Every puppy that gets purchased from a byb is just creating a demand. I may pay more for an adult dog that clearly is being rehomed rather than sold. And yes. I was one of those annoying people in Petland telling potential buyers why they shouldn't buy that puppymill dog on a payment plan. Or that Marshall ferret, for that matter.
  6. BAMCB

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    Yes, I agree with all that is said. I will not pay for a puppy from craigslist because I know it is most likely a BYB and it will only increase the demand. I am looking at a 3 yr old EM, which makes me think they are not willing to relinquish because some people would rather get some money back than give to a good home. Ad says she was just spayed due to breeder pressure and papers were "lost in a fire". I did reply asking more details and am waiting for a reply. Just wondering what others opinions are or experiences have been.
  7. Liz_M

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    The pet section on craigslist just hurts my heart because so many are great dogs that have become inconvenient to their stupid, stupid owners, so I rarely go there.
    However rescues and sometimes shelters post pets there. My JRTx came from a rescue that posted dogs on craigslist (as well as other venues) so I wouldn't discount it entirely.
    Websites such as Hoobly, puppyfind and Kaijiji seem to be the sole domain for BYB, though. Those are pretty horrifying sales sites. Much worse than craigslist (which at least tries to ban the selling of animals, even though they don'toften follow through.)
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  8. Boxergirl

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    This I would likely follow up on. I don't think this is the same as someone rehoming a litter of pups. Papers wouldn't matter, but I would want to make sure it was okay with the breeder. Often they want the dog to be returned to them. I also would expect the fee to be reasonable.
  9. PrinceLorde13

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    I've never heard of a breeder forcing a spay at 3years, and if they're still in contact with the breeder as they claim shouldn't it be relatively easy to replace her papers. Sounds sketchy. I do totally get it though, it's not any of these dogs fault that they are in the situation they are in, they didn't ask to be born or takin by irresponsible people. It's a catch 22 either the current dogs must suffer or you try and save them but in turn continue the cycle that allows it to keep happening to new pups in the future. It's a sad state of affairs with how the vast majority of people seem place almost no value on animals lives.
  10. BAMCB

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    Yes! That is my exact feelings. Do I try to help this particular dog or ignore to not add to this horrific cycle? I struggle with the idea of ignoring because, whether I like it or not, the general public is unaware of this cycle and it won't be ending soon. But! If I do participate on this level, I am still perpetuating this horrible act:/ see my predicament?
  11. BAMCB

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    I did ask if she came from a breeder and if I could be given the breeders info if I do adopt her. I do not care about papers, I have no use for them. They are asking for $200, which seems high to me. I would definitely offer lower while providing a vet reference so they can be certain she will be going to a loving forever home. I would hope that is their main goal.
  12. Oscar'sMom

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    I would hate to see a dog in a bad situation. I can't bring myself to look at craigslist. If I were you and had already started asking questions, I would continue to move forward and maybe see what the dog is really like...if I were you I would be too far gone to turn back at rhis point despite the cycle. It won't end with you or anytime soon after save that baby.
  13. BAMCB

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    Well no response so far but I will watch for it over the next days. All this searching is a big clue I am ready and I finally fill out my application for adoption with GLMR! I have never adopted from a breed specific rescue and hear it can take a while. Cross your fingers for an easy process and a quick approval:)
  14. AKBull

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    I would if I could, but that's after I do as much research into it as I was able to do. Reverse Google image checks, looking up their phone number through Google and other search engines.
    Some situations come down to what you can live with. Ill bred, over bred, someone for profit...
  15. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Active Member

    I would, too. Why not save a grown dog that is being tossed aside because they are no longer wanted. I absolutely would which is why I don't look.......I have enough here for the time being and I would be trying to save them all.
  16. BAMCB

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    Still no word back.
  17. karennj

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    Someone who really wants a good home for their dog will not need an "adoption fee" as they will do all the appropriate checks. I posted Bear on Craigslist shortly after I got him when I thought he was a bad fit for our family. I was not asking for any payment but did require a home visit, to meet the family (they had to be within 30miles of me) and vet reference including records from their current or last pet. I was very clear what I was looking for in the new owners. Thankfully I got help and worked out our issues as I cannot imagine life without him now. I think there are a lot of bad breeders trying to sell pups on craigslist. I also think rescues post there as well as owners trying to find their pet a good home. You just have to check into the source.
  18. Nik

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    What I was told about this many many years ago when trying to find a home for a litter of stray kittens is that testing facilities will often pick up free dogs and cats from craigslist, the newspaper or wherever and that because of this you should never give away kittens or dogs for free or for anything less than $100. I believe at the time there was a lot of medical testing (the kind where they kill and dissect the animals) going on. I remember hearing about it a lot while volunteering in the shelters in San Diego.

    Home checks wouldn't work because the people picking them up seemed perfectly nice and were well of people. And while charging $100 certainly wasnt a gaurantee it certainly made the animals you were looking for a home for less desirable to the testing facilities. I haven't looked into it since as I haven't had a reason to and I haven't volunteered at any of the shelters within the last ten years or so either so perhaps things have changed. But, I think while there are many bad people on CL there are also some legitimate ones too and some of them probably honestly think they are doing the right thing by charing a nominal fee. Granted there are also those out there to make money...

    In either case I personally wouldn't discount it out of hand as another resource to look into. Just do your research and decide what works for you.
  19. DDSK

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    I might after contacting the owner.
  20. QY10

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    We got Cache off Craigslist. She wasn't in the pet section though, she was in the barter section and the ad said, "Will trade pit bull for anything you have laying around your house." 4 bald tires that didn't fit any of our vehicles was all it took. They said they could not control her and as such, crated her 16 hours a day. They were feeding her kibbles 'n bits (which she was allergic to) and she was missing lots of fur and covered in open sores from the allergic reactions. They said the sores were from mange and their options were supposedly a $4,000 treatment or to euthanize her. So, they were treating the "mange" with no-name ACV on her kibbles 'n bits.

    So, yeah, I'd take a dog off Craigslist if I felt it was the right thing to do.

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