Danger of Dogs and Stairs

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    I found a good breeder, but she won’t sell me a pup because we have an apartment and a set of stairs to go to doggy area. My plan was finish out the current lease and buy a home next summer. In the meantime, its not some crap small city apartment. We have a two bath two bedroom apartment in suburbs with lots of parks and walkability. What is everyone’s opinion about dogs and stairs?

    This particular breeder seemed to be of the opinion no one in an apartment should own a dog, regardless of breed, and definitely no one with stairs. As I noted anove, we have a pretty good size two bedroom and two bath apartment with large living room and a kitchen that would work great with a baby gate for puppy during the day. I’m in the suburbs and the apartments have lots of park and walkability with stations everywhere with little trash cans and poop bags. We have a soccer field in middle of complex and then other parks outside complex with walking paths.

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    The reason the breeder questioned selling to a person living in an apartment with stairs is because of the chance of injury to the growing pup. These are giant breeds and therefore it takes longer for their joints to mature. Going up the stairs puts a lot of stress on the hip joint. Going down the stairs put the same type of stress on the elbow and shoulder joint. It has nothing to do with how much money you have, how nice your apartment is or how many parks you are located next to.

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