heat - for how long? :((

Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by teodora, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Sophia has been in heat (bleeding) for 3 weeks now and instead of getting better, our life gets worse: Jack is moaning, crying, and making different sounds/songs i never knew he could perform, 24/24, 7/7. Sophia is utterly depressed. Luna is depressed as well even if she has no idea why. I can't take the girls out. I can't take them off the crate without Jack leashed, tied up and with all his strength suppressed. He tries to hump the crates. The table. Whatever happens to be around. He humps Luna and she's still too fragile for his weight, so she has to be crated as well. I'll crate myself and the child next. The yard is a doggy parade: full of dogs i've never met before and I 've been living for 3 years here. I have to admit some of them are beautiful. Yesterday there was a gorgeous French Mastiff on the porch, waiting patiently. And a family shouting their head off 3 streets away from our place. How long does this drama lasts? My previous females (not neos) have been in heat approx 2 weeks and at pregnancy risk approx 2 weeks after. I was told neos can bleed for 9 weeks (!!!!) and then be at risk for 3-4 weeks, so practically half of our life we'll live like this??? I would really appreciate some advice from a female mastiff owner....
  2. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Oh boy. I bet you're ready to pull your hair out. I can only speak for Ella. She cycles every five months, bleeds for 1-2 weeks, and everything is done in about a month. She blows her coat for a month solid before her heat, is a bitch for a week and a half before bleeding, lovey with everything and everyone for the week after bleeding stops, she is very sensitive in the time between, and then is a bitch for another week or so at the end. I won't have a girl again. I love her, but I sure do find the boys easier.
  3. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    to make things better, we found a beautiful lifestyle property with 2.5 acres of land around AKL so we're gonna relocate in few days. I'll need to drive approx 14 hours with the 3 of them in the car, which will be very "fun" considering that jack is on top of the girls in the first 2 seconds they're out of crate. I'll get them in a totally new place, while Sophia on heat, with stock all around, and in a rented house until we build our own. At best, I can only say it's gonna be an adventure. At worst, I wake up at night wondering what details do i miss and what can happen. I'll go look for a solid enclosure now, at least for the first week.... to gain some time.
  4. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Boxergirl, I started being aloof to crying - i don't even notice them anymore, everyone on this house is crying so it's background noise already! It probably protects my sanity! I'd be more than happy to get through this for 1 month, but the idea of having her for 3 months like this is driving me insane....:(( She wasn't bitchy - she's a teddy bear usually and she is even more affectionate than usually while on heat. Now she lays in her crate with a very very sad look on her face and I wonder wth am I dong wrong and make them all sooo unhappy! :(
  5. JamieHalverson

    JamieHalverson Active Member

    Oh goodness... I have no experience with this at all, but will soon. Lillie is almost 10 mos old and I know it's coming any time now. I feel for you and your pack! But great news on the move!
  6. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Lucky you - it's a bloody nightmare! I had to give Jack calmex - it's the first time he takes any medication, I was just worried he's gonna have a stroke or something. We didn't sleep at all since yesterday morning and now Jack is more resigned and Sophia need an exorcism - I've never ever heard those sounds coming from a dog! !!!!

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  7. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    No experience with a dog in heat, but I hope it's over soon and you're able to sleep again! Glad to hear you found another place!
  8. Yamizuma

    Yamizuma Active Member

    Adina was in her first heat for about 5 weeks, and she bled almost as much as a human woman. Good thing she tolerated wearing the diapers. (she's our friend's neo). They had her fixed a few months after. It wasn't something their pack, human and dogs, would've done well with on a regular basis, and they had no intention of breeding her.

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  9. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto New Member

    Oh Teodora...sorry to hear about all this stuff going on with you and the dogs. Hope the heat ends very quickly. But congrats on the new house away from the nightmare neighbors and little yappy dogs.
  10. spiritDDB

    spiritDDB New Member

    Oh teodora! Sounds like such a nightmare ... my sympathies. :/ I'm trying to figure out if spirit is going in heat. .no male dogs around (yet, lol) may have to take her into vet to see. How old is Sophia? Wishing you the best

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  11. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Just a quick update: we moved, 9 hours drive with 3 mastiffs in the car + 3 xxxl crates and a child. We got our only trolley stolen from the front of the old property 1 hour before leaving while I was loading stuff. So we arrived in akl with the clothes we had on us, dogs and crates - nothing else. I left Welly at 3 am - with jack and elise on he front seat, crate on the back and girls separated by a divider I'm the back. Jack pushed the wheel and I was stopped by police fir an alcohol test. I hour later he broke THROUGH the divider and went jn the boot. Sophia pooped and peed and spilled food all over the car. Jack tried to hump her half of the time. Luna was wandering free jn the car and landed on me couple of times. The GPS was suicidal - at 6 am we were landed in some paddocks with crops as per gps instructions, very worried the farmer is gonna bloody shot us....

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  12. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Sorry for misspelling - I'm on the phone now. So, we finally arrived safe and well - planted the crates on the covered porch (perfect weather here) and let the dogs run free in the 2.5 acres of untamed jungle we have. Well - surprise. They dont wanna run. They are just following me or Elise like 3 baby ducks.

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  13. Joao M

    Joao M Member

    That was quite a journey! It´s good that it ended and you are safe with the dogs at your new place. Have you recovered your trolley?
  14. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Yep but unfortunately it's in the other part of the island now.

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  15. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    Wow, good thing you only have to do this move once! Glad you all made it safely!
  16. teodora

    teodora Active Member

    Yep. Now we have another bloody problem: there's a pack of 6 working dogs in the next paddock. Obviously jack went straight into the pack like a an idiot and got pretty shaken.

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  17. fixitlouie

    fixitlouie Member

    Lol. We are planning to get all of our dogs fixed... my two males are fighting the bitches are fighting all because heat cycle. ... it's a pain.

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