How early should neo be neutered?

Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by Mastinero, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Mastinero

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    I am going to adopt a 9 week old male neo mastiff. The rescue group insists the neo be neutered before I take him home. My concerns are his growth plates being affected, being that he is a large breed dog. I am having second thoughts about adopting him. Any thoughts?
  2. musicdeb

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    If at all possible, it's best to neuter around 18-24 months. I've heard of shelters neutering them at 8-9 weeks which is crazy! The earliest a pup should be neutered is 6 months.
  3. DennasMom

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    Our first dog was required to be neutered before going home... he was probably around 3 months at the time. We got him at the local humane society, no room for negotiation.

    He grew into a 199lb mutt (breed guess: rott/GSD/Pyrn). He did suffer from some arthritis in his later years (starting around 7 years or so... he died of cancers at 8.5yrs), but otherwise, we didn't notice anything (but that could have been because we weren't looking, too).

    Not sure if the early neuter had any other effects. The cancers that took him were everywhere, and we fed many years of poor quality food before we knew better... so lots of blame to go around.

    I'd want to wait as long as you can to provide the best growth and health potential... but sometimes that's not an option, and you just have to roll with it if you find that's the puppy for you.
  4. Mastinero

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    Well he's a keeper for sure. He is beautiful. All I can do is cross my fingers. Since their is no negotiation on waiting. I talked to my vet and he told me in the 25 years he has practiced, he has never seen any dog suffer any kind of negative health problems associated with neutering at 8 weeks. So, well see how it goes.
  5. Mastinero

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    Well my pup is now 2 years 4months old now. ARCHIE did have an issue with his left leg. I took him to the same vet where he was neutered, and turned out he displaystic in his left hip. I saw the X-ray and his ball joint was smaller than the hip socket. I can't help but think if his early neuter was the cause of this problem. I have him on cosequins ds and he seems fine for now. But he is still young. I just hope he does not suffer in his later years. I just want what's best for my rescue neo pup. Best dog I ever had. I wish they would change laws for adopting rescue dogs. My pup had to be neutered at 8 weeks old! I was so upset, but I could not do anything about it. Archie's brother was also adopted and he needed surgery on one of his knees. Unknown if this was hereditary or caused by early neuter. But still wish adoption laws would be better for large breed dogs, for quality of life issues.
  6. Joao M

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    Thanks for your post updating that info.
    Based on what we know today, pediatric neuter should not even be discussed.

    Unfortunately shelters around the world still carry tat practice. I believe it is changing however. In my country even the shelters (almost all of them) are now admitting that dogs should not be neutered before 6 months and when they are adopted earlier they are delivered with a kind of neutering agreement t be done at proper age.

    However 6 months is still too young for large breeds. Way too young. Hopefully this will change in the near future as the "spaying/neutering as a remedy for everything dogma" is loosing followers
  7. Bob Felts

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    If given no choice I would pass and get a dog that can be neutered at 18 to 24 months. Studies have shown that there can be a high risk of the dog contracting cancer, skeletal problems, etc. If neutered too early.

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