Isabellas Reflux/regurgitating

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    Hi, my first time doing this so I hope I am doing it correctly.
    I adopted Isabella (Boerboel Mastiff) nearly 4 years ago, we think she may have been around 3 yrs old... after I first got her home I noticed she was having head tremors and worked it out that she could not eat anything processed so she is now on a raw food diet... which she has done very well on. Just in the last few months I have noticed Isabella suddenly looks old () and seems more anxious than usual, she wont let me out of her sight (She had a traumatic first 3 years but we have worked through it) unless I tell her to stay. Isabella has also started burping up her food and water recently...her food is up quite high as is her water bowl so I have thought maybe she is eating to fast ... so Ive started hand feeding her her two meals a day. It seems to have eased up but not completely. Her muscle mass isnt what it used to be .. but aside from everything else she still loves her walks and still grabs the ball to play... and certainly hasnt gone off her food. I'm just wondering if the reflux is normal for a mastiff at this age or if there is anything else I can do? Her best Buddy (my Basset Hound) passed away 10 months ago and she grieved for quite a while...
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
    (Here is a photo of her) Screenshot_20190710-162952_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190710-162952_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190728-212206_Gallery.jpg
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    occasional is normal ..... often is not ......... after she throws up will she try to re-eat it ?

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