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    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the site and I would like your insight on something. I research about all types of Mastiffs. Lately I have been finding websites about hybrid mastiffs... Mixing different Mastiffs for a better temperament, health , and size. I even read about a future breed in the making called Molloso Presa Mayo... I was just wondering about your thoughts on hybrid and new breeds of Mastiffs....
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    I have noticed the same worries me because every long-term experienced Mastiff owners have voiced disappointment and disdain about how breeders are starting to cross-breed Mastiffs. I saw a story on YouTube about a breeder who decided to cross-breed their female Boerboel with a Boxer stud who was very broad and muscular. can definitely tell the difference. Their offspring were extremely muscular, extremely broad chested and their muzzles were shorter resembling a boxer's. Honestly, the babies look way too stocky. Not lean. Research is showing that they are less energetic, breathe heavier, and their weight puts more than usual stress on their hips.
    Breeders who are opposed to this have started openly stating their concerns about these "hybrid Boerboels," because of the high risk of those health problems. They say Boerboels and and the other Mastiff Breeds are unique to other breeds because they were originally bred in a specific way to each type in order to perform their different jobs; how amazing it is that these long elaborate bloodlines are a tribute to adhering to strict consistency! Each body type was bred according to standards that correlated to what "job" each particular Mastiff did. Guarding farms in different countries and climates, even guarding different types of herds, guarding villages, and even one type who's job was to sit beside the King and Queen! Now, with these cross-breed, I am definitely becoming wary of breeders. I respect the opinions of the traditional breeders who stick to the standards.
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