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Discussion in 'English Mastiff' started by Johnsonmichael527, Dec 28, 2018.

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    You guys helped out so much during his puppy stage, I thought I would give y'all an update on my little boy. Declan, my mastiff is now 14 months old and doing great. He is a healthy 215lbs and 33.5 inches at his shoulders. His vet thinks he will be 250lbs (healthy weight) and about 36 inches tall when full grown. And a enormous lap dog. He sits, stays and heals really well. As long as I introduce him to people he doesn't know a stranger. But still very protective of my wife and his little beagle brother. Je and the beagle are the best of friends. They never leave each others side. He likes to go for rides but getting him in and out of the truck is still a chore. We are looking at getting a portable ramp. I waited nearly 20 years to be at the right place to get a mastiff and ot was completely worth it. Once again thanks for all the advice. 20181221_113214.jpg 20181020_204415.jpg
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    He's a gorgeous big boy! I have a ramp and my girl won't use it. I think it feels too unstable for her. I'm going to try steps instead. They have some that attach to your hitch and there's also portable/foldable ones by Pet Loader that look good. I've thought about having my husband make me a wide set of interlocking boxes for her to use. She's weird about the open spaces behind stairs and I think the boxes might work better for her.
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  4. Johnsonmichael527

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    Thanks. I didn't think about the stability issues of a ramp. I was thinking more about the portability. We like to take our boys out and socialize them. If I find anything I will definitely let everyone here know.

    Glad to hear my boy isn't the only quirky mastiff. It must be a trait of theirs. Mine will not eat if his food bowl is not on the right side of his food stand. And when he was a puppy he found a wash cloth with a penguin on it. He walks around with it in his mouth all the time.
  5. TylerDurden

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    Great update, Michael! Your (big) boy looks really good, and I‘m glad he‘s doing well. Not sure if I had shared it before, but we are using this ramp:

    It‘s only $110 at Amazon right now. I believe we paid much more for it a year ago. It supports 300lbs and is very wide. You will probably have to get him used to walking on it, but we had no issues with that.
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    Thanks, he is a great addition to our family. That ramp looks like a good option for us to try. It will definitely be better than me helping him in and out of the truck.
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    We have the same ramp that TylerDurden linked to. We used it first in the backyard to get Denna used to it - made it a game for her to walk up/over/down/across it and used LOTS of praise and treats... then moved it to the car for actual use. We've worked with Denna since she was a pup on walking on different surfaces and items, though (kinda an intro to agility equipment idea), so she knew what we wanted as soon as I put the ramp in the backyard.

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