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Discussion in 'Neapolitan Mastiff' started by Ryan Card, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Ryan Card

    Ryan Card New Member

    Hi all,

    I am considering getting a Neo puppy in the next 6 month to a year. My question is about raising a Neo puppy with my (current 1 year old) Female Bullmastiff. She is very friendly with all types of dogs and is a wonderful family member to my kids. Would a puppy change her personality as all? Would a Neo be OK once they are both adults? Thanks all in advance. This forum is such a great resource.


  2. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    Is your bullmastiff fixed? Has she had her first heat yet? With a female I would recommend pairing with a male. Sometimes females can have issues with other females.
  3. Ryan Card

    Ryan Card New Member

    She is still intact. She turns 1 July 2nd and I plan on spaying her around 18-20 month. I am looking to get a Neo puppy when semhr is around 2. Thanks.
  4. Ryan Card

    Ryan Card New Member

    And yes she went through her 1st cycle about 2 months ago.
  5. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    2 is an age when a bitch would have pups , with the age difference I wouldn't doubt she'd take on the pup like a mom ..... the age diffence is a big deal in bringing in a pup ......... I've kept 4-5 intact bitches at the same time numerous times , seniority is a big deal .... I've known of bitches to produce milk when around pups that were not even hers ......
  6. Ryan Card

    Ryan Card New Member

    Thanks Marie. Do you think she would act the same toward the puppy at 2 years old if she was spayed? Also, do you know any big temperament or personality differences between the Neopolitain and Bullmastiff? Thanks

  7. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    I've had neos and bullmastiffs , I think their temperaments are not anymore different than they are in individual dogs within the breed ....... I cannot recall ever seeing a pup I raised here , at any age from birth to death , ever have a full fledged fight with their mom ........... dogs like dogs , as long as everyone knows their place , the age difference in the dogs your contemplating from my experience almost assures you of the dogs knowing their place ........... I have 3 pups their mom and aunt , the mom and aunt are 6 , the pups are 28months , the pups will fight for real with each other , mostly the brothers , none of them have ever fought with the mom or aunt ........
  8. Ryan Card

    Ryan Card New Member

    As always, thanks for the advice Marke
  9. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    We're going through a power struggle here right now, but, reflecting back, when Bailey our Corso was a pup and we were so worried that Bella the adult Rottie would kill her, we were very careful putting them together, ready to step in and defend, but...BUT...Bella took to her and took her under her wing and acted the role of mother and aunt to her. She would have protected her to her death. When Huddy was added a year or so later, Bella and Bailey took dominance over Hudson, and Hudson (little Sh**t) disturber that he was, was always put in place by the two larger dogs. Now Bella is gone and Hudson is somewhat lost, but the dominance issue has loomed its head. I've told my daughter, some day we're going to have to let them sort it out.... Bailey is senior dog now and she will dominate. Dogs get it there is a chain of command.
  10. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    In general, I disagree with letting dogs sort it out. That's my job. Not that I intervene in every dog-dog scuffle, but it does require knowing your dog and understanding body language and behavior to know when you need to step in. I also don't think that just because a dog is older, or been around longer, they will "dominate." I do think that in their own home and yard my dogs don't have to put up with dogs they don't particularly care for, whether they are "relative" dogs or not.

    I like the way Patricia McConnell explains things. This is an article on intervening in dog-dog altercations.
  11. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    just because a dog is older is meaningless unless it involves a puppy and an adult .........having raised the same family of dogs for the last 25yrs , 7 consecutive generations , I've never seen one generation not exhibit the same behaviors , I do pay attention ......... given the same consistent environment , domestic dogs behaviors within a family group is not random ...... seniority is a real factor , if you haven't seen it when you bring a puppy in with an adult dog , your dogs or situation is not normal , I've seen adult neos defer to a cat that they were introduced to as puppies ...... pups respect their adult elders , their adult elders demand it , a mom demands it from day one , it is a lifelong lesson ........ Baileysmom's situation is one that i'm sure fits what's normal..... , i'd be interested in knowing the situation when the 3rd dog was brought into the group ..... I can guarantee that the 3 two and a half yr old pups I have here right now will never in their lives fight with their mom and aunt , it's just not something that happens .....the brothers will absolutely fight again , the sister too , but she has always been given into , without much more than a small disagreement/bluff/threat , by the brothers ........ ....I've had fights here that costed me thousands of dollars , i would never let my dogs fight , and they know that as good as anything they know , probably more so ..... they can threaten each other and exert dominance over each other , it's how they learn to interact , without submission and dominance you have fights ........... when a dog walks up to another and takes what they got , they don't trade them for a higher value treat

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