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    Hello everyone , I just wanted to share some knowledge on the bully kutta from what I’ve heard and experienced through my family who has owned them. I’ve been requested to do this through a previous topic I posted... I thought I’d share some amazing aspects of the breed as well as some sad ones from multiple resources.

    Mainly hearsay, I have not owned one personally.

    This breed has a very sad history; a chained life. A depressing forced into dog fighting type life, and survival of the fittest type . The ordeal I’ve seen these dogs deal with is depressing. These dogs don’t get the luxuries our pets do. These dogs do not have the tenacity of a bulldog, and want to walk away from a fight but unfortunately they are forced into a fight time and time again until they’re fighting out of survival and fear.

    These dogs are known as “ the saddest and most abused and fought breed in India, alongside the Gull terr”

    This information is primarily from what I’ve heard ** hearing this made me tear.

    A little bit of information on seeing the presence of a bully kutta.

    A Bully kutta doesn’t have the generations of confirmation shows and generations of temperament breeding most mastiffs do.

    The Bully kutta we owned was in India, that’s where my family originated from.

    The dog stood 40 inches tall and was over 200 Lbs, this dog did not look like an English mastiff. It looked like a massive muscled Great Dane. I’ve seen Presa Canario’s , Caucasian shepherds etc... but a bully kutta is a different animal. When this dog pulls, it really PULLS. Wicked strength.

    This dog was more laid back than a Fila, with the brute strength of a presa canario with the size of a Great Dane. Great dogs, and a healthy creation, but I wouldn’t recommend one. Loyal and loving but very hard driven bloodlined dogs.

    If someone has to summarize this dog in I would say:

    loving , protective , EXTREMELY LOYAL, incredible strength. These dogs do back off, they do not look for fights, and will often separate themselves when enough is enough. Smart dogs, but heavily driven. Picture a neo mastiff with the workability of a Doberman. These dogs aren’t fighters , lovers mainly but they take protection and power to another level. This dog will drag you across acreage.

    if looking at livestock guardians, people deal with Caucasian shepherds , Tibetan mastiffs etc.. but imagine a 40 inch tall 200 lb mastiff that gallops like a horse LOL.

    DA is there, but tenacity is not. Powerful but backs off if need be. Seems like a stable dog, just VERY dominant.

    the very sad part is, these dogs do not get loved like a North American dog does. They’re often chained for their short lives and fought often. Imagine a bloodline that is chained it’s whole life, unloved and fought and must use everything it has just to survive multiple organized fights. A very sad reality that has Molded that dog into forced warrior, the dogreminds me of Olden day enslaved Vikings.
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    Again delete if not allowed, some of you will not appreciate this as it isn’t first hand ownership information. Stories , and multiple explanations from owners that I’m passing down to anyone curious.
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    Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience. Pretty much everything I have heard and read is fully aligned with what you are describing. It‘s really hard to get any information from owners in North America or Europe, as they hardly exist. In the numerous YouTube videos showing them in their country/countries or origin, many seem to be in very poor condition unfortunately.
    Some months ago, Dogumentary TV released a documentary about a US breeder, which I watched.

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