Spooky puppy

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    She tried to eat every pumpkin we passed. B2B06D15-0EF9-4EB5-AC8C-298D1EDAE8AF.jpeg A bandana is the only “costume” she will tolerate. She worked on staying in the garage and staying calm with Matt while I was brutally attacked by dangerous little people in funny clothes (trick or treaters). After about 15 minutes of watching me she settled down and decided I was not in danger after all. I am very much a “hermit crab” introvert so I really have to work on relaxing myself so that she will relax. 6FB4E6E0-611B-4364-B76E-981786D8C1AE.jpeg
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    Spooky is exactly the way I feel when Lettuce looks at me like that !!!
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