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Are DDB's fussy eaters or do I have a problem?


Active Member
Well after what seems like months of stress and anxiety over our dogs not eating properly, the issue seem to be at least partly solved. We moved their feeding time into the kitchen from the garage and made sure that it coincided with us eating. Eating in a warmer and well lit area of the house with the rest of the 'pack' eating at the same time seems to have encouraged them to eat as well. We have slightly adjusted their food - they are getting less to make sure they are actually hungry and also we changed suppliers of the raw meat products (Jimbos for any Kiwis out there ( http://www.jimbos.co.nz/) We have also introduced K9 Natural (http://www.k9natural.com/) ready made frozen raw food which they seem to quite like and also added krill oil and coconut oil. The coconut oil they really like and the krill oil capsules are hidden in dog sausages and usually go unnoticed.

They are not yet eating with the enthusiasm or in the volume of before but they are eating and that is a huge relief. I think it may have just been a case of them getting bored of the same old raw meat and also not being that hungry. I think the male is due for another growth spurt soon so we'll see if his appetite increases then. The female is a lot less fussy (and could stand to loose a few pounds) but seemed to simply follow the male's lead and become a fussy princess!

They are both still on Ivomec for mange and I am wondering if there is some link between that and their appetite issues. Would be interested to hear of anyone else using Ivomec and whether there's been any change in eating habits. They are on quite high doses (2.5ml per day orally).


New Member
We have a 5 month old DDB and she is picky. She ate well when we first got her. We fed her what the breeder was feeding her, then she would snub her food. We have tried almost everything. I would even crush and sprinkle high value treats and mix it in her kibble. She ate it the first day then the second day she snubbed it. My hubby bought canned food to mix with her kibble and she walked away. I would try to skip her breakfast but thr hubby insists she eat both breakfast and dinner meals. I don't know ehat else to do.