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    The most important thing in dog breeding is the bitch line. What is a bitch line? This is something that is specially highly valuated is Northern European tradition. Many other breeders around the world do realize the value of females as well. However I would say that in Scandinavian countries in general most so. There are breeders who talk about dog by their fathers. Then there are the breeders who talk dogs by their mothers. When you see super dog. Do you first think who is the father or who is the mother? I think first the mother and then the sire. Which way do you think your dogs? We all know the genetic. Genotype is 50 % – 50%. However fenotype is not. Mother´s importance is much higher. Puppies do spent their first weeks with the mother therefore dam´s temperament and motherhood is the key. In a way many people can use top stud dogs. Only the best breeders can use top females. Bitch line is the key to high quality breeding.

    My point of view is all ways in females. Even if looking for top stud dogs to my females I try to find outstanding dogs whose mother´s have been top producers. As I look for a new brood bitch the key is how is her mother. Has she produced big, healthy and top quality litters before. If yes I am interested. Is she a champion? Is her mother and grandmother a champion? If yes I am very interested. Top brood bitch is a worth of gold. If there is generations of top brood bitches that is what I call a bitch line. Often these generation of top females has bred the same breeder. These dogs have the same type and style. The one that can build up a strong bitch line is some one I call and respect as a true breeder.

    More breeder´s should realize the value of a bitch line. Bitch line is something that you build up generation after generation. It is about top winning females with top temperament and vitality who are producing the same in future generations. Keep your eyes open. See where and who has the females in your breed that are producing the very best. I all ways keep my eyes open globally about bitch lines. Without a doubt that is one of the main reasons to my achievements in the world of pedigree dogs.

    Do you respect your females enough? Do you show and finish up your females? Do you take care of the fertility and vitality of your line? How about mentality? Do you keep the best daughter of your top females? If you are working or building up a bitch line you would answer yes to all these questions. I would say I rather use bit mediocre male whose mother is outstanding top winning female than a super dog whose mother is nothing. I can play roulette in a ferry boat. But I do not play roulette when it comes to a dog breeding. Bitch line thinking is like a method of approaching the dog breeding. I would say without a doubt that bitch line is the key to top quality dog breeding.

    Usually the breeders that I respect most have build their breeding on their strong bitch line. This is often the easiest way to build quality above average. As you mate the very best females with the very best males available – that will produce the best. It is really as simple as that. How to build a bitch line generation after generation is another story. Hope to write about the later. But do remember to build your breeding on strong brood bitches and do build up a bitch line. That is the key.

    Strong bitch lines usually do produce top quality males and females alike. It is about generation and generation of strong brood bitches that are the same type. That is what I call a bitch line. Multi BIS & BISS Int & Multi Ch Chic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice represent typical bitch line breeding.
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    it's a lot easier to see what a male has produced as opposed to a bitch ......a mastiff bitch shouldn't be bred before 2-3yrs , by the time her first litter is properly evaluated , her breeding career is probably over ..... with frozen semen a male is available indefinitely , he could have dozens of proven pups and still be available to be bred . my personal belief is the best you got to the best you can find .......
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    I'm in the business of breeding; I work with broods & their litters. I have the honor of whelping these litters. These dogs are purpose bred -- guide & service dog school -- and it's always interesting to me to see the difference between nature & nurture. If the brood is a little shy or sensitive (pretty rare, but it sometimes happens), more of the pups seem to be the same way. However, I've seen personality traits of the studs come through on their offspring, especially if they've been chosen as breeders. We don't breed for conformation, except good health & sometimes size. So it's almost all about temperament, & the brood makes all the difference.
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    the bitch raising the pups absolutely matters more than the sire , just as the dogs a pup is raised around matter more than the sire .... it's environmental , it's not genetic ............ nobody should be breeding shy reactive bitches , if for any reason , they shouldn't be raising puppies , they're gonna pass the behavior on ........ I have three 14 month old pups and their mom ,never been separated in their lives , they are very different their mom , they are more like their aunt and grandmother , one is a replica of her father/grandfather in looks and temperament ......... and it's probably not as much as you've seen ,but it's a lot more than this one example i'm giving here ........ and I agree breeding dogs for specific traits is very cool to watch ..........
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    I know with Newfies, the quality has always been with the bitch. I imagine this is the same with any well bred animal. I have heard this also applies with horses.
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    don't know about newfoundlands ,buy as far as horses ,you can look at what American pharaohs sire pioneer of the nile has produced and what his dam has produced , same with seattle slew ,affirmed or secretariat ,their dam's did little to nothing ,and I believe none produced anything else of merit .......... as a breeder you need a good bitch , but you can only use the best you got ....... you can breed to the best male in the world .... my dogues (bitches)were always bred up , in my thinking anything less would have not been worth the effort/grief......... who would breed their bitch down ? imo ,somebody who doesn't know any better .......

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