Boerboel vs. Cane Corso who is best guard dog?

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Dea, Jun 11, 2020.

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    Hi! I am a brand new member!
    I had a Boerboel who passed away last year due to Cancer. She was an excellent guard dog AND family protector. There were 3 times that she showed aggression towards strangers: one time she refused to allow me to walk by a neighbour's house. She suddenly stopped, stared at the guy and didn't look away as if to challenge him. Then she looked up at me and pulled me away on the leash. She did the same thing the next day. Okay, we never walked that way again! Then there was a handy man who constantly bothered me and was the type who would come right up to the day after we had only had my Boerboel for about 2 weeks, there was a knock. She jumped up, growled, ran up a flight up steps faster than lightening, and jumped against the door, banging her rear against it and barking very fiercely. To my surprise, it was the handy man.He ran to his truck and never came back. I always thought he was seedy and she proved it.
    The third time, we were walking and passed by a house with construction workers...she began barking and lunging. Those men dropped their tools and scampered to the back of the house! She was kind and pleasant when meeting my son's friends, and was very behaved with my 2yr.old grandson. I want another Boerboel but it seems everything I read says the Cane Corso is a better guard dog....can anyone give me their experiences, knowledge, or opinions?
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    Welcome to the forum, so sorry you lost your girl she sounded wonderful,
    I cant comment on the boerboel but i can on the cc, i have 3 males,
    My eldest is 7, moddle 6 youngest 5.
    All 3 have extreme gaurding personalities, my eldest budcuss has shown the same instincs many times as your girl did, anyone that comes near our property has no doubt if they enter without permission that they wouldnt be getting out, only down side hes male dog aggressive outsiide of his pack, gandalf much the same, hes aloof with strangers very athletic, he would gaurd his family with his life, always upfront with budcuss warning strangers to stay away, now gollum is a bit different, he loves everyone, he willll back them up but mostly stays by my side on the property.
    All 3 great with children, weve put a lot of time and training into them, budwas the hardest he does it because he has to where as the other 2 like to please.
    Iv not had to train them to gaurd iv trained them when to stand down and leave, i feel very safe, they all live in the house, very much a big part of the family.
    Any questions i will try to answer for you.
    Once again sorry for the loss of your girl, id love to see a picture if you have one.

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