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Cane Corso Color Changes?


Well-Known Member
Please tell me I am not crazy! When we first saw our Corso at the age of 5 weeks, the breeder told us he was going to be brindle though he appeared to be all black/dark brown. He is now 7 1/2 months old and I swear he now has some brown fur coming in! Not a shade lighter, but a complete different color than he has been the last 6 months! Is this normal? Am I crazy?


Well-Known Member
hahaha....Carma was solid Grey when we got her at 8 weeks. She is 22 weeks now and has light tan highlights at the top of her shoulder blades. If the light hits her just right it almost takes over the grey. These highlights are getting deeper every week. At this rate She just might be fawn in a couple months.


Well-Known Member
I was just playing with Judah today and noticed his rear legs has brown coming in to. I thought it was dust / dirt tried brush it off but nope not coming off it was his fur. your not alone:)


Well-Known Member
Is normal. At that age and with the season change your dog is molting. It is the dead puppy hair/undercoat coming out. Lots of brushing and a probably a bath will help to loosen it up and come out. His adult coat is coming in, the color will go back to what it was. However the brindling can get more noticeable with age.