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Changing coat with age?


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Jiggers' coat constantly changed as he was growing up but settled into what seemed to be a mix of the 2 breeds. Not as long or dark as an Irish Setter but not as thick as a Golden Retriever. He also had the slight wave between his shoulder blades that many Golden's have. Other than loosing most of his golden colouring in his hind feathering his coat has remained consistent from the age of 1 to 5. Right around his 5th birthday in March I noticed that after his bath he had a couple of ringlets on his chest. Now every time he gets wet he develops more ringlets. None of my research has shown that either breed is known to have a curly coat. Goldens and European Irish Setters have a slightly wavy coat while North American Irish Setters have a straight coat. So I have no idea where these ringlets are coming from but they sure are cute. Lol. I just noticed they are also present under his ear flaps, they weren't before today's bath. Same with his hind leg feathering. In addition the waves on his back now stick up instead of lying flat. The pretty boy is getting prettier.
In all his glory.

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He is beautiful. Our Irish Setter, going off memories of 40 + years ago, had feathering flowing off the legs, tail and ears. Her chest had a little waviness, nothing like Jiggers. Such a handsome man.


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The way it frames his face it reminds me of the lion in the original wizard of oz.

Great looking boy.

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I know my own hair likes to move between straighter and curlier over the years... so, I can see dogs coats doing the same. Not sure what triggers it... hormones? diet & exercise? global warming? (just brainstorming)... Sure does look good, though! Great picture!!