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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by voidecho, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    sometimes thats what counts
  2. Redirish86

    Redirish86 Well-Known Member

    Also have test results on him for cystinuria? Which states negative I'm not familiar with this...
  3. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest Well-Known Member

    I know these lines reasonably well, as follows:

    * The sire of my boy (Duke) is the maternal grandfather of these pups. I know the dogs on the top and bottom of that part of the pedigree better than most.
    * Duke's maternal grandfather's lines share some overlap with the pup's maternal grandmothers' lines.
    * I bred our girl (Jade) to the littermate brother of your pup's paternal grandsire.
    * The pup's paternal grandmother's lines are also similar to some of the dog's behind Duke's maternal grandsire's lines.

    I have several obervations. If you care to discuss, you're welcome to contact me privately. No need to sidetrack this thread.

    Regardless of whatever pup you pick, good luck to you and him/her!
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member


  5. Annierome

    Annierome Member

    I am looking for a reputable breeder of EM in Ontario. Any recommendations.
  6. DaveOwen

    DaveOwen Member

    check with Connie @ Gallant Mastiffs
  7. stormwatch89

    stormwatch89 New Member

    Hi, new here and am captivated by your list of breeders as I'm about to lose my dear Paige to cancer.

    I've found Carol Sims in Plant City, Florida and wondered if anyone has any experience with her.

    Thanks, in advance!
  8. Redirish86

    Redirish86 Well-Known Member

    Very sorry to hear that storm. :(
  9. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest Well-Known Member

    I have no experience with her and have only given her website a cursory look.

    Several red-flags appear ... namely, you shouldn't need to put down a non-refundable deposit on a well-bred pup. Additionally, it appears that there are no pedigrees of the parents of her pups. Finally, while she says there is health testing done on her dogs, I can't find the evidence that what she says is true.

    It's a reasonably well done website (I couldn't do any better; I'm a bit of a technophobe). The dogs shown appear to be well-adapted pets. If the welfare of the breed (including a rigorous attempt to stick to the specific traits laid out in the breed standard) is the paramount priority for a breeder, I'm not sure why some of these animals are being bred.
  10. stormwatch

    stormwatch New Member

    Thank you, so much for your comments. No doubt so many of us have faced the horrible day when we lose a member of our family.

    I very much, appreciate your looking at Sims and found a few red flags there, myself. Thank you!

    Now talking with Beowulf.

    I'm such a mess about losing Paige that I'm easy pickings for a bad breeder!
  11. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest Well-Known Member

    You're talking with Beowulf about getting a puppy?

    As I would would advise anyone looking for a puppy, let Google be your friend.
  12. voidecho

    voidecho Well-Known Member

    ^Ha....isn't Beowulf the one (of many probably) that forces you to feed a specific food.....you know, 'cause they sell it?
  13. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    yup, and IIRR zero health testing
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  14. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin Well-Known Member

    Oh yah, and they breed bitches well before they're 2yrs of age, the more I look at their site the more I remember them.....its not ZERO health testing, but they don't do much, if only because they breed so young!
  15. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest Well-Known Member

    There are other reasons why they started requiring a certain food. I'm not sure the other reason is grounded in science.

    Keep researching.
  16. stormwatch

    stormwatch New Member


    See, there is a reason I'm here! Thank you, so much!

    Do y'all have info on a quality breeder planning on a summer litter?
  17. WalnutCrest

    WalnutCrest Well-Known Member

    First, did you find the answer to the question about why they require the specific food, or are you taking the fact that I made the point too mean something nefarious?

    Second, there are more than a few nice summer litters coming. Look up crossroad mastiffs. She doesn't breed often, but happens to have two in route.
  18. elkshawkeye

    elkshawkeye Member

    We bought our fella from Rockport and our fella is just wonderful. Our vet was very enthusiastic on his health and temperament. Ripley (the dog) and I take training sessions and our trainer just adores him. Me too, but that's a DUH. :)
  19. elkshawkeye

    elkshawkeye Member

    We bought our fella from Rockport and our fella is just wonderful.  Our vet was very enthusiastic on his health and temperament.  We take class and our trainer just adores him.  Me too, but that's a DUH.  :)
  20. pstoz

    pstoz Well-Known Member

    I also go my boy from Rockport. When did you get yours? We picked up Guinness last October, he is 14 months old today. We love him :) he's a big goof!

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