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Ever Been


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Got to sleep about 1:30 a.m., woke up at 4 with my neck and back still sore from tension and my stomach burning on top of it. Stood in a hot shower until the water got too cool, found the heating pad and crashed again until 10:30 a.m.


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I don't think it was the steak. It was all the tension building up. And then my idiot cousin dropped her little girl off for mom and dad to take care of until she goes to stay with her dad in the summer in Las Vegas.

Kharma was always okay with her before, but now she keeps an eye on her when she's in the room and an ear out when she isn't. The child is learning too much from her mother. When they were living with my parents, mom caught Tracy wearing mom's pearls. She'd gone in my parents' bedroom and gone through, not only the jewelry armoire, but dug in the bottom of it in the closed boxes until she found them.


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Oooh, Little Miss Sticky Fingers is in for a big surprise if she doesn't shape up.


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I will personally feed Tracy to the crows.

Dad gave Jada a bank when she and Tracy were living here. He and mom would give Jada change, a dollar here and there, an occasional five, and who knows what else. When it got to about $60 Tracy cleaned it out. Jada asked mom to hide it for her and keep it here. There's no telling how much is in there now. She's learned a lot from Tracy. We all went out the last time she was here. The total bill wasn't much, just over $20 bucks. Jada (who is 6) was dancing around and wanted to go pay.

Of course she did.

The smallest bill my Dad had was a $50.

Jada batted her eyes at him and hugged him and he let her keep the change.

Tracy's been teaching her well . . .