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Good-Bye Danae de Italica Terrae


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I know I am not on much active kids and active dogs means I am less active online but I wanted to post this and advise people to never ignore your gut!

On Monday morning after a pretty routine weekend and everyone going to be normally, Danae woke up and was a little swollen looking and stiff getting upstairs (she is 10 so some stiffness was expected), but I didn't like the mild swelling even though she has done it before by drinking too much at once or eating too much grass. I called the vet as soon as they opened and got an appt for shortly after the vet arrived although I had a niggling thought I shouldn't wait, she wasn't acting like my girl but it was only subtle stuff I noticed. I called work and told them I would be in late as I need to take her in to have her checked out. She used the bathroom normally although showed no interest in food/water and was content to climb up on the couch to sleep, although moving from one to the other after 20 minutes or so on each one. Still snuggled with me and wasn't overly stressed. She started to drool and tried to vomit so I figured it was the grass trying to come up but she couldn't bring anything up. I started to worry she had a block or something lodged.

About 15 minutes before her appt she went down and couldn't get her breath. I rushed her to the vet knowing as I drove well past the speed limit that each breath was bringing me closer to her last. We arrived and rushed her in but she passed on the X-ray after they snapped a shot and determined she had Gastric Torsion. In under 3 hours she went from okay to gone, she did not present as a normal case and was older than what is the "norm" for bloat but I knew something just wasn't right, even if it was just subtle things that not even others in the family picked up on.

It has left a hole in our home and in our hearts that will take time to heal.







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Such a beautiful girl. So sorry for your loss.
Thank you for reminding us how quickly bloat/torsion can go so very wrong. :(

Bailey's Mom

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This year has been heartbreaking, so many great dogs have passed. My howls to heaven have come too often, too heartfelt.... Such wonderful dogs with such great hearts, and, again, this year, you have lost another of your beauties. I can't do more than tell you that all of us fear this day, hope fervently that its coming is long delayed. It's beyond my ability to comfort you, particularly since losing your heart dog only a short time ago., The words I can say are, you did your best...you were there for her, you gave her a long and happy life in a wonderful home... Danae was surrounded by your love. She will always be with you...her spirit, and, I pray, when you open your eyes on the other side, your two girls will be there to welcome you home.

Love and peace to you,



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I am so sorry for your loss of Danae! My heart is breaking for you and your family. My thought and prayers are with you during this difficult time.


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Thank you, the last couple of years we have taken some big pet hits with losing my <3 girl and my foundation girl as well as my first pet ever (cat Raine) that sometimes it does make one want to just throw in the towel. I still have some fantastic dogs at home and am blessed with them and they remind me every day why I could not be a household with pets, just the joy they bring to it. It doesn't get easier no matter how many you lose or how much time has passed, they still reside close to your heart.

April Nicole

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So sorry for your loss. Danae is such a pretty girl. And I'm sure she will be missed terribly. Thank you for sharing, in detail, signs that we can watch for in preventing the tragedy caused by bloat. So many people access this forum for info. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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I am so sorry to hear this. This is exactly how we lost our Cerberus. It was traumatic and heart breaking and I live in fear of ever waking to see that swollen belly on one of my dogs again but I do know that sometimes the swelling doesn't even present so obviously and that is even scarier that it can sometimes be so subtle and hard to identify. I understand why some people do the tacking at time of spay or neuter. Once you have gone through it you would do almost anything to prevent it again.