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  1. arcc3617

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    So a little introduction of our family and soin to be fur babies...

    We are a family of three that lives in Iowa(as the title says). It is myself, my fiancé, and our 3 year old daughter. We will be getting our first CCs later this year. We will be getting a female around Oct and a male around the end of Dec. We are excited about the babies joining our family. They will be very welcomed addition to the family.

    We have been reading through some of the post on this forum for a couple months plus doing a bunch of research about CCs in books, online and picking the brains of some breeders. Neither of us has owned a CC before but we both have had dogs in the past. My fiancé has had AmStaffs a while back so he is helping me understand what it takes to train stubborn, hard headed, dominate breeds.

    So if any questions or comments let us know. Constructive criticism and helpful knowledge is always welcome, but being rude and disrespectful will not get a response.
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  2. Dstack

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    Hi arcc and welcome! This is a great thread to get a lot of great info from people that have years of experience with CC’s and mastiffs in general. We have a Boerboel and so many people were helpful in the early stages- like getting a newborn all over again! It sounds like you are getting ready for a very busy household! I’m curious why a male AND female. I ask because it will be extremely challenging when your female goes into heat to keep them separated ( and at such a young age) I’m sure there are others that can comment on the Forum with more experience and helpful tips. I look forward to seeing your new babies and all the best!
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  3. arcc3617

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    Hey Dstack,
    Thanks for the feedback. Like I said my fiancé has had AmStaffs. He had unaltered dogs and knows how to keep them seperated when she is in heat. He did it with his AmStaffs. We know it will be a busy household and we are willing and able to put in the training and socialization for each of the pups. We will be crate training, puppy kindergarten, obedience classes, and may show (once covid releases its grip on the world). Again, thank you for your support and stay safe.
  4. glen

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    Welcome to the forum, great choice i have 3 ccs.
    Yes they can be very stubborn, but as long as you have plenty of time and patience
    And training in they are an amazing dog.
    Glad your crate training, my only suggestion would be to not always keep them in the same room to they are used to not being together all the time, as when shes in season youll need them as far away as possible from each other, a crate wouldnt keep him in when she is. It will drive him crazy.
    Iv kept all mine intact.
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  5. arcc3617

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    My fiancé is building a piece of furniture that will house their crates. The crates will be able to slide in and out for cleaning, travel, and separation purposes. When she is in heat we will move one crate to our bedroom and alternate the dogs out of there so both have equal time with us throughout the day.

    We did have one question about her heat cycles. Are CCs heavy bleeders or does it depend on the CC?

    Thanks for suggestions and your time.
  6. glen

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    I think it all depends on the cc, my friend has one that is a heavy bleeder, and another that wasnt, i know some owners buy pants for them to wear.
    Just my opinion, when shes in heat i would choose the crate and room you are going to keep the female dog in, then stick to that during her heat cycle, it will drive him nuts no matter what you try to clean it with, he could try to mark the area with pee ect, its not forever and you could spend the time with each dog in the rooms there in.
    My boys go crazy id my son walks in if there bitches are in season, we bought bitch spray to spray there clothes with, the drooling and chompimg was intense, and thats without the dogs being with them, that was at the stage when they are ready though, yes they sense it all the time but the ripe time is intense.
    Poat pics when you get the pups.
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  7. Michele

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  8. arcc3617

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    Thanks for knowledge. We will definitely post pics and I am sure we, mostly me, will have more questions. Hopefully one day we can be as helpful as others that are on here. Thanks again.
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  9. arcc3617

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    Thanks Michele.
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  10. BattleDax

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    Welcome! I look forward to hearing about your journey. I may make the journey with a CC in the next few years, but it will just be one male which I will keep intact as I have all my male dogs thus far. I've never lived with a female intact dog.
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  11. arcc3617

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    We are working with a breeder who has been breeding for over 20 years. We will be starting our journey later this year. We can't wait!!! They are great dogs and a great breed.
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  12. Alicia Brennan

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    Hi and welcome
  13. arcc3617

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    Thanks Alicia

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