occasional unproductive retching/heaving

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    Our two-year-old Corso boy often dry heaves and usually at night which is quiet alarming and his stomach is not extended but gurgles. He plays, eats, pees and poops fine throughout.

    We have had him to the vet each time and blood, urine, x rays and ultrasound all shows he is fine, though a couple of previous times he did eat a few rocks, which we recovered from his stomach.

    We feed him kibble which is soaked, alongside chicken/eggs, meat berries and banana and his appetite is always fine though occasionally he doesn’t drink enough water.

    Wondering if any other parents can shed any light on this from personal experience or other.

    Much appreciated
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    Any pacing or other signs of discomfort? Does he get one or two meals a day? How long after a meal does this happen?

    My boxer boy, Roy, has megaesophagus (doesn't sound like your dog) and one of his issues is acid reflux. Always worse at night. You can give your dog Omeperazole or Famotidine daily. Check with your vet for dosages. I think it's worth a try to see if it helps.

    Since GDV is a real concern, have you considered having his stomach tacked? It doesn't prevent bloat, but it does prevent torsion.
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    Appreciate your response and thoughts.

    No pacing and he get two meals per day, one around 7.00am and last meal at 5.00pm ish. The occasions where this has occurred has been early morning where he wakens up my daughter. She has palpated and checked for extension and then rubs his tummy and he settles back down.

    Diet consists of wholesome food, heavily moist vegan kibble, cooked chicken, boiled eggs, blue and raspberries and banana.

    Drako is a very slow eater and drinker.

    We recently lost our 5 year old Doberman girl who was his best friend and like ourselves, he is still grieving and this could be playing a part in all of this, but we hope to get a little girl Corso in the next month or so.

    We have thought of the “pexy” and if we decided to go that route, would prefer laparoscopic surgery but here in the West Coast of Canada that precision version is rarely available.
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    I'm very sorry about the loss of your girl. It's never long enough, but five years is much too young. I would try a couple of things. I'd try moving the evening feed to later in the evening so there's not such a long time between feeds and I'd try the omeperazole or famotidine. I know that fourteen hours doesn't seem like a long time to go between feeds, but for some dogs it can be. I really think the trial of meds may be beneficial. It's not at all uncommon for dogs with tummy issues to take these meds daily. My boy and my daughter's dog being just two that I know personally.
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