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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dogmorfmucion, Feb 5, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    Just came across this website browsing articles online and thought I'd say hi. We live in the north of Scotland and have 3 dogs, a chihuahua (who is 8), a black lab (who is also 8), and our most recent addition a Tibetan mastiff (who is 10 months), and a cat who comes and goes as she pleases!. We've always had dogs but this is our first experience of any mastiff breed and I've got to say it's been challenging but wonderful so far. We were fairly quick to set up some guided training which she responded to really well and after a few things being chewed to bits early on her behaviour around the house is really spot on (normal puppy behaviour aside!). The protective nature and reluctance with strangers is something we've had to adjust to as none of our other dogs have ever really had this trait. We have a pretty good process of introduction now and make sure our wee pudding is under control. We have 2 kids, who are 6 and 10 respectively and she's amazing with them, so loving and just wants to be around us all the time.

    It's funny now owning a dog of this size as other people do get quite intimidated by her. She's a lot more vocal than our other dogs which we understand is part of her nature but if she's barking to say hello people look terrified! Until they're up close and then she just wants a cuddle!

    She's a huge clumsy lump but a very welcome addition to the mad house.

    Anyway, just thought I'd say hi.
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    Welcome to the forum, and the wonderful world of mastiffs,
    You certainly have a mix bunch of sizes., i have 3 cane corsos, my daughter as a chihuahha x shitzu, its so tiny, but my boys are great with her.
    Yes mastiffs are protective, 1 of mine is aloof with strangers, 1 doesnt like dogs outside his pack, the other a goofball.
    Keep up the training, what you dont want a huge dog doing stop now while its easier, file nails check ears ect get him used to everything.
    Socialize, but that doesnt mean he wants everyone touching him, he just needs to be used to being in different environments,
    And enjoy the puppy stage, they sure grow fast.
    We would love to see pics of your dogs.
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    Hi and welcome, great to have more people from this side of the pond, I'm in Ireland and dogue de bordeaux owner.
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    Welcome to the Forum! Looking forward to seeing pics of your Tibetan pup! Scotland- beautiful country, especially for walking dogs and taking hikes. We visit dear friends at Loch Lomand. Lots of dogs, hunting, and of course SCOTCH! Send pics and all the best!
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    Here’s our “little princess”!!!

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    Hello and welcome

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